Recently, Google brought senior marketers & agency leaders together to discuss priorities, challenges, goals, & product roadmaps. This is what we heard: Google is investing heavily into knowledge & computing advancements AI & Multimodality: Multisearch with text, image, & camera to inform results. Ambient Computing: Seamless experiences across every device. OS, etc. AR: Google Lens […]

With so much changing in the digital world, it can be hard to keep up. But that’s what makes this such an exciting industry! Since the news of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) replacing Universal Analytics (UA) made headlines, digital marketers have been on edge. They’re left to figure out how to use the new platform […]

In a world where data is king, it’s no surprise that marketing has become increasingly data-driven. However, as businesses strive to become more privacy-conscious in response to the increasing user concerns about unwarranted intrusions into their data, there’s the question of whether privacy and data-driven marketing can coexist.  Adopting a customer-centric approach to marketing in […]

If you’re a business owner feeling a little lost about GA4 adoption, you’re not alone. Many people are confused about what to expect when they make the switch. This is because there are some big changes in store, particularly when it comes to data measurement. Let’s dive right in to explore what this change means […]

For marketers looking to gain complete data set ownership from GA, connecting it to Google BigQuery (BQ) opens the doors to cutting-edge analysis, modeling, and activation opportunities.  BQ is a warehouse that can store heaps of data within the Google Cloud Platform. It supports data warehouses and queries billions of rows in seconds for superior […]

Napkyn to participate in the Marketing Analytics Summit 2022, as a Bronze Sponsor Napkyn, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform today announced that it will exhibit at  the 19th Marketing Analytics Summit 2022 to be held at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada,  June 20-23, […]

The Clock is Ticking. You have a little over a year until GA4 needs to be your analytics source of truth. UA sunset dates have been announced and Google has been clear no exceptions will be made. At sunset UA will stop processing hits, and your data will become read-only.  Are you going to be […]

Napkyn Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Cain, to present at the Marketing Analytics Summit, North America, June 22nd, 2022. Napkyn, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform, today announced that Napkyn  Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Cain, will be a featured speaker at the Marketing Analytics […]

Used by millions of businesses to track customer behavior on websites, apps, and offline APIs, Google Analytics has become THE gold standard for data analytics and reporting. Almost all successful marketers use this powerful tool to track KPIs, measure campaign results, and optimize digital marketing efforts. However, a significant change is underway in the web […]