GA4 (Holiday) Roundup - Volume 6

Welcome to the December, holiday focused edition of our monthly newsletter. In addition to the regular GA4 centric news and updates, we’ve included special holiday related sections.

December 19, 2022 - Welcome to the December, holiday focused edition of our monthly newsletter. In addition to the regular GA4 centric news and updates, we’ve included special holiday related sections.

A Holiday Message from Napkyn’s CEO

As 2022 draws to a close, I’d like to extend my holiday wishes and share some reflections on what we’ve done together over this past year. 2022 brought many changes to both Napkyn and our industry,  and it’s been a year of learning and growth for all of us.

The Napkyn team worked together to discover and implement new ways to help our clients and I’m proud of their relentless commitement to delighting our customers and  our accomoplishments. 

With continued cookie deprecation, UA sunset, broader GA4 adaptation and new breakthroughs in AI set to change the way all of us work, I’m excited by the advancements and new challenges 2023 will bring and filled with anticipation of what we will accomplish together.    

Thank you for your partnership and support.

Happy Holidays,


Napkyn’s Holiday Wish List

We asked our team for their data wishes – around analytics, Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud or data in general. New features, data culture, data trends, the sky was the limit, below is what our analyts, implementation specialists, media activation specialists and thought leaders are hoping to find in their stockings, maybe not this year in all cases, but in the years to come:  

  • I wish organizations would take a less tactical and siloed approach to leveraging their data to generate insights.
  • I wish organizations were more diligent in defining and maintaining clear relationships between the data they collect and the business drivers behind why they are collecting it as well as the insights that data enables.
  • I wish transparency was an overarching goal for companies in their data collection policies and approaches.
  • I wish GA4 users would accept that it’s not possible to compare UA data with GA4 data on a 1:1 basis.
  • I wish clients would BELIEVE in the Data Layer and its benefits instead of scraping the page for info.
  • I wish Data Studio had version control like Google Docs.
  • I wish Data Studio could combine multiple data sources (10+) into one chart.
  • I wish more people thought about how to keep their data clean from the beginning to avoid having to clean it after the fact. 
  • I wish everyone had the time and tools to support analytical curiosity at a big data scale. 
  • I wish we could query in plain English.
  • I wish data was the same when comparing it in default reports, custom reports, and Looker Studio for GA4. Sampling, cardinality issues, and multiple reporting identities are killers of data trust!
  • I wish Google’s documentation would put an update date on their documentation after each revision.

Data & Analytics Predictions for ’23 from Around the Web


It’s that time of year again, with the New Year just a few weeks away people across the industry are reviewing this past year’s data landscaping and making predictions for 2023. We’re looked at many of them and have curated this list for you.

AI, data quality, GA4, and data democratization are found on most of these lists and we’re sure they’re all on yours as well. There are a lot of new and exciting things coming! 

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The Top 5 Data Science And Analytics Trends In 2023

This Month on the Napkyn Blog


Having worked on numerous GA4 implementations, our GA4 SMEs are constantly adding in-depth articles to the Napkyn blog on on the news & features. Here’s what’s been posted since the November newsletter:

The Latest from Google

Google is updating and adding new features to GA4 on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Here’s some of what’s new since our October newsletter:

  • Introducing behavioural modeling in realtime reporting
  • New session tags including average session duration and views per session

You can see the complete list on Google’s Support Site or read our latest articles below.

Do you have questions about any of these features? Our SME’s are always here to provide answers, just set up a call.

In other Napkyn News

All of us at Napkyn would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a safe and healthy 2023.

In January we wil be revealing our newly revamped newsletter – new sections, more insight from outside the four Napkyn walls and a switch from focusing soley on GA4 to leveraging data with GMP and GCP centric solutions. 

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