GA4 Monthly Roundup - Volume 2

Volume 2 of our monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

Volume 2 of our monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

GA4 Word on the Street


In the Raw: GA4’s Access Logging API is launching. You can now get a raw log of who’s accessing your property’s data be it via API, UI, or Google integrations. The report can be aggregated to show the count of accesses as well as the last access time. This supports a number of interesting audit journeys for access and property management.  

One Tag to Rule Them All: GA4 introduces the new Google tag – a single reusable tag built on top of your existing gtag.js implementations that helps you do more, improve data quality, and adopt new features – all without additional code. Google recommends installing the Google tag on all pages of your website. If you’re using GTM, you won’t experience any changes to your setup today. But, stay tuned for future updates on tighter integration and upgrade paths between the Google tag and GTM.

One Step Closer to Full Visibility: GA4 now shows Performance Max and Smart Shopping data. If you’re an advertiser this means you now have the ability to view and report on these campaigns under the Cross Network channel grouping.


The Latest from Google

Google is updating and adding new features to GA4 on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Here’s some of what’s new since our last newsletter:

  • Additional Domains for EU-based Traffic Data
  • Recently Viewed Section Updates
  • Supported Web Data Reporting
  • Report Filter

You can see the complete list on Google’s Support Site or read our latest What’s New in GA4 article.

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GA4 on the Napkyn Blog

Our GA4 SMEs have been preparing for the transition to GA4 for almost 3 years, & have worked with dozens of clients on their transition. We also actively provide feedback to GA4’s product team and keep abreast of the latest updates and features so we can pass the most important information on to you.

Here’s some of what our team wants to ensure you’re aware of: 

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Client Questions

Q: Can I change cookie expiration and update settings in GA4?

A: Yes, instead of using global site tag code for cookie expiration or settings you can now update them in GA4 – right in the GA4 property column section of your account. 

Q: Has Google extended the deadline for phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome? 

A: Yes. In late July, Google announced it won’t be deprecating third-party cookies in Chrome until the second half of 2024 to give more time to evaluate & test the privacy sandbox.

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GA4 Tips & Lessons Learned 

If you’re a marketer who gets EU traffic and is concerned about promoting security for EU users and complying with GDPR, Analytics has introduced additional domains for traffic collection with GA4 to ensure EU-based traffic is only collected through servers based in the EU. If your site(s) uses a content security policy and has visitors from the EU and you have not already updated your content security policy configurations, please work with your site administrators to include the following Analytics domains on the connect-src and img-src directives for all sites using Google Analytics 4 to resume traffic collection for your site and app visitors based in the EU:


Alternatively, you may consider including * and * to account for future domain updates with Analytics.

Plan a Successful GA4 Transition


In other Napkyn News


Napkyn’s Founder Jim Cain recently spoke at the 19th Marketing Analytics Summit. Watch the recording of his presentation Ch Ch Ch Changes: Turn & Face the Digital Marketing Strange

Just a reminder the Napkyn offices are closed the last Friday of the month, our next closure is August 26th.

Some exciting (and huge!) change for some of our Napkynians. Sales Rep, Matthew McKinnon recently welcomed his first baby and Implemenation Specialist, Shreya Banker was married in India in July.


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