What’s New in Campaign Manager 360:

Trafficking, Workflow & Creative Updates

June 1, 2023: 

Campaign Manager 360 (previously known as Campaign Manager only) has a new face! With this new update, Google is reflecting the increase of investments in the product and its place among other Google Marketing Platform products.

If you don’t know already, Campaign 360 is an ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. A centralized tool where you can have eyes on your digital campaigns across websites and mobile.

It includes a robust set of features for:

  • Ad trafficking → Upload your creatives, set targeting criteria, and run ad campaigns
  • Reporting → Measure performance goals for your campaigns and ad placements
  • Verification → Check that your ads are serving correctly and delivering quality results

But this is not all. Google has been working hard to improve the tool. Below are some of the most recent updates. 


Manage placements, ads, and creatives with custom spreadsheets


Keep your placements, ads, and creatives running smoothly with custom spreadsheets! The new Campaign Import/Export feature provides the flexibility to specify formatting for easy bulk management of entities and assignments. Plus enjoy column selection and saved templates as well as row filtering, date adjustments across different timezones - even unassignment capabilities. Get ready to streamline trafficking workflow updates today!


The following new columns are available:



  • Testing start date
  • Cap costs
  • Lookback windows (Impressions + Clicks)
  • Additional key-values
  • Site-served
  • Ad Serving platform
  • Geo-targeting: Postal code
  • Comments

Tag changes


With the latest feature from Campaign Manager 360, all image and Javascript tracking tags will benefit from an exportable parameter attributionsrc. This allows for increased privacy regarding advertisement traffic via Google's Privacy Sandbox APIs. Additionally, a new query string can be found in each tagging type which signals that the ad tag is active - dc_tdv=1. Both parameters are sure to make advertising with Chrome more secure and efficient.

In 2020 Google introduced two new query string parameters to VAST tags - dc_sdk_apis and dc_omidpartner. Now, these parameters have been applied to all display Ad Tags with the addition of a third parameter called 'dc_tdv', which allows Google Tracking Decisions Visualization (TDV) to track revisions on Campaign Manager Tag conversations. 

Also for video ads, an additional element known as ‘dc_mpos’ is now being included by default – this provides insight into where customers are viewing specific ad campaigns within a given position sequence. 

This has no effect on attribution today.

Creative updates

Ads Creative Studio customizable video export to Campaign Manager 360

Ads Creative Studio users now have the power to create custom video projects tailored precisely for their desired audience. With simple swaps of videos, audio, images and text - plus clever targeting rules that factor in geo-location & language - you can send your message to a precisely chosen list of people across CTV inventory & third-party publishers. And, if there's an associated Display&Video 360 account connected? – Those same customized ads are able to be pushed out into non-YouTube campaigns with ease.



Currently, the team at Google is continuing to create Campaign Manager 360 solutions that will help agencies and advertisers manage digital campaigns across websites and mobile, including robust feature sets for ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting.

Are you interested  in maximizing  insights and optimizizin media and creative performance across all your digital campaigns?  At Napkyn, we understand that not all our clients have the expertise necessary to leverage this powerful Google tool. 

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