GA4 Monthly Roundup

A monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

A monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

GA4 Word on the Street


The Sweet Spot: Use GA4’s Segment Overlap Report to compare how up to 3 user segments overlap and relate to each other. This analysis technique visualizes the relationship between multiple segments of users to better understand specific audiences, you can then create new segments based on your findings.  

F*^k Up the Funnel: GA4 introduces the concept of the open funnel – meaning progression isn’t forced from one step to the next, and neither is funnel entry. In an open funnel, users can enter any step. This lets you visualize the steps your users take to complete a task and easily see how well they are succeeding or failing at each step.

Data-Driven Attribution: The New Normal: GA4’s data-driven attribution model uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate both converting and non-converting paths and incorporates factors like time from conversions, device type, number of ad interactions, order of ad exposure, etc., and contrasts what happened with what could have happened to determine which touchpoints are most likely to drive conversions. The model attributes conversion credit to these touchpoints based on this likelihood. 


The Latest from Google


Google is constantly updating and adding new features to GA4. Here’s some of what’s new in the past few weeks:

  • Autosuggest for Search
  • Direct Marketing of Event Conversions
  • Conversion Modeling
  • Lookback Window for Audience Definition Configuration 

You can see the complete list on Google’s Support Site or read our latest What’s New in GA4 article.

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Client Questions


Q: Can you use Data Studio to work with data in BigQuery?

A: Yes, the Google Data Studio BigQuery connector lets you access data from your BigQuery tables within Data Studio. 

Q: With more people opting out of sharing data,  how does GA4 deal with the growing gap in the data collected? 

A: GA4 fills in the gaps using machine learning & other protocols to create reports. This is called blended data.

Q: What is an example of a “Remarketing Audience”? 

A: Users who have already added items to their cart are a good example of a remarketing audience.  

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GA4 on the Napkyn Blog


Did you know our GA4 SMEs have been preparing for the transition to GA4 for almost 3 years, working with dozens of clients on their transition? And that we actively provide feedback to GA4’s product team?

Here’s some of what our team wants to ensure you’re aware of: 

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GA4 Tips & Lessons Learned 


A GA4 capability our team is excited about is Predictive Analysis, which gives organizations the ability to create predictive audiences. Currently, there are 3 predictive metrics available in GA4: Purchase probability, Churn Probability, and Revenue Prediction. For example, using the purchase probability metric, GA4 can automatically suggest a predictive audience made up of customers who show the highest likelihood of purchasing in the next 7 days. 

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In other Napkyn News


Just a reminder the Napkyn offices are closed on the last Friday of the month, our next closure is July 29th.

Congratulations to our recent graduates, Shreya Banker, Pranvat Rains &  Aileigh Karson!

Napkyn’s Founder Jim Cain spoke recently at the 19th Marketing Analytics Summit. We’ll share a recording of his presentation shortly. 

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