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Napkyn delivers world class data management and enterprise enablement solutions to data-driven marketing and technology leaders.



"Napkyn's Measurement Plan is great. Exactly why we wanted to work with the Napkyn team and hire a vendor with a significant amount of GA implementation experience. And yes, at one point I realize I said we didn’t need this document."


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"Napkyn helped us prove the potential of our product through revenue-driving, thought leadership in SEM and GA."


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“It is a joy to partner with your team. Your
attention to detail while guiding us with
actionable strategy gives you a unique ability to see both the forest and the trees.”



"Napkyn delivered training that was smooth and informative. We are now ready to talk to our customers about why and how to fully realize the value of collecting, integrating, and activating data through GA and the whole GMP, Google Cloud stack. "

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