Midwestern Utilities Company Selects Napkyn

November 20, 2020 

Today, Napkyn  announced that a leading mid-western Utility company has engaged Napkyn to implement GA360 as the foundation for collecting, integrating and enabling high quality data to inform their digital marketing strategy. In addition, Napkyn will assist them in increasing visibility into company performance by accessing and leveraging high quality data in order to make intelligent business decisions.  

The Utility company recognized their lack of trust in their data was impeding their ability to continue their journey of being data-driven. And, is creating a barrier to the  understanding  required to personalize their customers’ digital experiences and achieve the company’s key business objective of being a digital first organization.

These issues are not uncommon. In fact,  according to a study conducted by KPMG, 61% of respondents see building trust as a “top three” priority for their organization, yet just 35% have a high level of trust in the organization’s analytics. 

This project will also add significant value to the Company’s objective to execute and align their marketing strategy against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and corporate objectives. 

The Utility company chose Napkyn for their 11 year track record and their  90 Day Google Analytics 360 (GA360) Implementation Methodology. That methodology is based on best practices iterated on and validated across dozens of implementations for marketing organizations in the Utilities/Energy, Financial Services, Retail/eCommerce, and Healthcare sectors. Napkyn’s  90-day GA360 implementation Methodology  results in the company collecting high quality data on day 91 and includes: 

  • Requirements & Audits: Conduct comprehensive technical audits and stakeholder interviews to capture business priorities & define requirements to establish a roadmap for technical and business evolution.
  • Measurement Plan: business analytics and reporting requirements 
  • Implementation Spec: step-by-step instructions for implementing an event driven data layer 
  • Dashboards: quick start dashboards that presents the newly collected high-quality data in the context of KPIs and organizational objectives 
  • Cross-Team Training: deliver customized training across business, analytical and implementation topics. 

“We are very happy to have been selected for this project” commented Jim Cain, CEO of Napkyn, “helping companies create data that is both wide in coverage but also deep in terms of quality, and then help them translate that data into truth about their business that they can use to drive key business decisions has never been more important.”


Ongoing returns from  the Utility company’s investment include:

  • Speeds up and improves campaign and advertising spending decisions and modifications  
  • Creates clarity on digital marketing performance and contribution to company’s primary objectives  
  • Provides marketing leaders with the data to drive cross-team collaboration with customer support, product management and corporate communications  The ability to respond to change with agility, intelligence and precision.
  • Visibility into previously unknown low and high ROI marketing activities and spending 

Of importance in the evaluation process was Napkyn’s ten+ years experience conducting large scale digital transformation programs that deliver immediate impact and insight, customer dedication,  and focus on providing direct value to decision makers.


About Napkyn Analytics

Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics and data engineering company with more than a decade of experience working with data-driven enterprise marketing and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 and hyper-growth organizations. They select and retain Napkyn for expertise in Data Enablement, Data Quality and Data Analysis developed and delivered across a wide range of industries -  Financial Services, Utilities/Energy, Healthcare, Retail/eCommerce, Automotive. Napkyn is a Google Premier Solution Partner for Google Marketing Platform and a Certified Google Cloud Service Partner. Napkyn’s vision is a world where marketers are ethically collecting, integrating, managing and putting into action high quality data to produce outsized benefits for customers, employees, and their community. 

You can learn more about Napkyn Analytics at napkyn.com or by following Napkyn on LinkedIn and Twitter


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