Data Analytics: Five Predictions for 2022 in Songs

This, as most things do, seemed like a very funny way to think about what we may expect in 2022.

This, as most things do, seemed like a very funny way to think about what we may expect in 2022.



Or, as I say, ‘Smells Like Data Science’. I feel like this is the year that companies are going to embrace machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Especially with privacy changes and the eventual deprecation of the 3rd party cookie there is no way they can’t.


And..with the proliferation of data science jokes – how can the practice not flourish. And anyone who knows me, knows this one:

“‘A SQL query walks into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks “Can I join you?”


Or, as I say, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Server Side.’ Again, with the new privacy first world – and the vulnerabilieies exposed though many browser (client side) interactions, everything, from analytics to ad tech implementations are needing to be server side.


Companies, well at least US companies, have gotten away with few, if any, consequences for violating new (and some not so new) privacy regulations. I imagine that will not be the case in 2022. I am predicting there will be repercussions, both financial and brand-wise for such penalties.


Or, as I say, ‘In a BigQuery.’ A little shout out to the GA4/BigQuery (free) integration that I am seeing so many companies embrace. This low (or no) cost integration is inspiring many old school SQL-ers to dip their toe into BigQuery lake (yup another data ‘joke’).

So, maybe not a great video pick – Connection like Connected (as in TV and OTT). It was all I could do not to use the Kurstin X Grohl version.

But, in my defense, a pretty broad topic. ‘Alternative’ media outlets: CTV (ConnectedTV)/OTT (Over the Top), Retail Media and podcasts (to my credit, I did mention these in my 2021 resolutions). But although these have been options for a while, their measurement capabilities are exploding (while traditional digital media is becoming less and less measurable) . The ways of buying are also evolving into a next-gen (teamed with this-gem and last-gen) model. Streamlined buying and accountability who would not embrace these options!

And to leave you with a little bonus. Not a prediction – but a wish for you for 2022.


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