April 3, 2023 

When it comes to data activation, turning raw data into actionable insights doesn’t just happen with a wave of a magic wand. And while some may have you believe it can happen with an “if you build a complex infrastructure, it will come” scenario or, even worse, a “you NEED a complex infrastructure for it to come” scenario, it’s not that simple, and at the same time, it’s not that hard. 

Successful first-party data activation demands planning, identifying metrics, strategizing, resource allocation, testing and learning, and constant evaluation.

It’s an initiative where the infrastructure you build needs to be capable of providing the insights to drive both the activations you want now AND the activations you might want next. It’s an inherently iterative process, not a one-and-done solution.

For some organizations, requirements for data activation will be fairly complicated. But you don’t have to embark on a large infrastructure and organizational overhaul in order to get to where you can start capitalizing on the value of activating first-party data.

Instead, start connecting the dots you can with your current resources. Then, iterate on the infrastructure you have in order to make it more resilient, more powerful, and more comprehensive. Read More.


  1. Establishing a good foundation.
  2. Establishing criteria for success.  
  3. Identifying the necessary data.
  4. Bring the data together at the right point for activation.
  5. Activation testing and measuring success.
  6. Growth and resilience.

  1. Incomplete/Inaccurate Insights
  2. Privacy Regulations
  3. Scale
  4. Multi-touchpoint customer journeys
  5. Interoperability



Debunking First-Party Data Activation Myths

“It’s hard. I can do it myself. I need a complex infrastructure…” In this article, we debunk the top 4 data activation myths.

6 Key Phases of Successful First-Party Data Activation

Successful first-party data (FPD) activation demands planning, identifying metrics, strategizing, resource allocation, testing and learning, and constant evaluation. Discover the 6 key phases of a successful first-party data activation.

3 First-Party Data Activation Trends You Need to Know About

Data activation is revolutionizing online marketing by unlocking the value of data to craft compelling experiences for customers. By activating your FPD, you can dive into customer preferences like never before – creating a winning experience at scale. 

Making Your Data Actionable: GA4 Integrations for Insights & Media Activation

GA4 is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for insights and media activation available. Even if you’re just starting your migration journey, it’s not too soon to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate with other tools. Don’t just analyze data, act on it.



New in GA4: Increased Number of Properties and Sub-Properties

You now have more flexibility to organize your properties. Google has increased allowance from 100 to 2,000!

New in GA4 & Google Ads: User Access for Analytics Features

Get ready to streamline your marketing campaigns and maximize efficiency with GA4 Audience Builder. Coming soon to Google Ads!

On-Demand Webinar: Identify & Leverage FPD

Did you miss our webinar on first-party data last month? Now you can access it on-demand 24/7.

New & Coming Soon to DV360 

Learn more about the latest updates and what’s coming up next in DV360. Audience expansion, instant deals, custom intent audiences, & more.


Google Optimize Sunset FAQs: Sunset for Google Optimize 360 and the Optimize integration in GA4 is scheduled for September 30, 2023. This Comm Doc from Google covers key facts, FAQs, and future GA4 integrations with 3P A/B tools.  

Google Ads Privacy Playbook Driving growth in a changing privacy environment: A marketer’s playbook for measuring and ensuring performance while respecting people’s privacy.

The Value of AI Part 1 of the 6-part guide, “How agencies are multiplying their impact and expertise with AI-powered solutions”.

Google Cloud brings Generative AI to organizations by uniting Google’s foundation models with enterprise search and conversational AI to help you build transformative applications powered by your data. We’ll dig deeper into Google Cloud in next month’s newsletter. 


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