Napkyn Announces Sponsorship of Measure Summit 2022

Napkyn to participate in Measure Summit 2022, as Chat Room Sponsor.

Napkyn to participate in Measure Summit 2022, as Chat Room Sponsor.

    Napkyn, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform announced today that it will participate in Measure Summit 2022 as the official Chat Room Sponsor.

     Hosted by Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Creator of, and Julian Juenemann, Creator of MeasureSchool, Measure Summit is the first virtual event dedicated to leveraging measurement, data, and analytics for business growth. Measure Summit’s mission is to set the stage for the new era of the measurement professional, giving attendees the most up-to-date strategies, tactics, and techniques for 2021. 

    In addition, Napkyn’s CINO, Jim Cain will be speaking at Measure Summit on the importance of data infrastructure in the face of prodigious, cyclical changes in digital marketing. 


    About Napkyn

    Napkyn, a Kepler Group company, is a digital analytics and media solutions provider with more than a decade of experience helping organizations implement and activate high-quality data to make superior business decisions. Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies across North America, Napkyn delivers world-class data management and enterprise enablement solutions to data-driven marketing and technology leaders.

    Napkyn is a Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Partner, providing technology licensing and modern marketing services that inspire brands and agencies to connect, innovate, and experiment with privacy-forward digital solutions. Learn more about Napkyn at or by following Napkyn on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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