GA4: Migration ≠ Adoption

Robust adoption of GA4 is necessary to make the most of the tool. Napkyn can help.

Marketers bring quality, privacy-first experiences to their customers and valuable returns to their stakeholders. Understanding brand interactions and re-engaging with customers is critical to advertising success and requires reliable data.

GA4 Adoption is vital to help you pick the best course for your business and Napkyn can help! In our GA4 Adoption service programs, we identify blind spots, verify data accuracy and quality, tailor the tool to your business, and empower users to begin leveraging the tool.

Why adopt something new when the old one works just fine?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

- Bert Lance

Status Quo Bias

It’s extremely hard to get someone to adopt something new if they have an existing tool that works and does the same task.

This is a reasonable reaction as it’s based on a desire for reliable and understood tools for work. However, this reaction also assumes that there is no opportunity cost to not using the new tool or the opportunity cost is too low to make the change worthwhile.


GA4 Is Worth it! (you also don’t have a choice soon)

GA4 is a modern tool with new, powerful functionality that is worth the work required for adoption.

Napkyn has a proven adoption process that will ensure that you have gapless, high-quality data that your users can begin using with confidence.

  1. Identify Blind Spots
  2. Verify Data Accuracy & Quality
  3. Tailor the Tool to the Business
  4. Empower Users

Identify Blind Spots
Identify missing data from UA –> GA4

The crucial first step in our adoption process is to perform a Gap Analysis. This is a review of your UA and GA4 implementations to ensure that there aren’t any measurement gaps.

This process ensures that you have all the essential data points you need in your new tool. In the case where there are gaps, we can work with you to define and plan a mitigation strategy.

Having fully featured data points is very important to end users; we make sure that this isn’t a sticking point for adoption.

  • Make sure that your users are going to be able to find the valuable data that they rely on.
  • Ensure that GA4 has the essential data from UA, as well as new measurement that enables powerful new functionality.
  • Provide users with fully featured data that is reliable and consistent with expectations.


Verify Accuracy & Quality


The next step in our adoption process is to perform a thorough QA of your data to ensure that it is high-quality and accurate. 

This ensures that your data is reliable and can be immediately used for decision-making.

Once your data has been verified to be complete and accurate the most important pieces are in place for successful adoption.

  • Accurate data is essential for users. Confidence in a new tool requires accurate data, at minimum.
  • High-quality, accurate data will ensure that your tool is considered a ‘source of truth’.
  • High-quality, accurate data is the minimum requirement for adoption, without it you won’t be able to gain trust from your users.


Socialize Differences Between Tools

Comparison Dashboard

With accurate, high-quality data in place, we can begin the process of transitioning users from UA to GA4 using familiar metrics and data points.

We make the transition easier by supplying a Comparison Dashboard that easily shows you your key data points and how they are resolving in each tool.

This dashboard is an important first step in moving towards GA4, it provides data and a reference point for users when their fear/reluctance may be at its highest.

  • Reassure users that the new tool’s data is reliable by providing a comparison between UA and GA4
  • Get eyes on GA4 data and begin socializing new metrics and dimensions
  • Empower reluctant users to monitor measurement differences and build trust in the new data.


Tailor the Tool to the Business

Customize UI & Reports

GA4’s default reporting interface is incredibly customizable. With some thoughtful edits and changes, you can have a default reporting experience for your users that is exactly dialed in to their needs and how your organization likes to report on business.

Customizing the UI and reports is a major way to accelerate adoption and remove common complaints related to ‘missing reports’ or ‘inefficient to use’.

GA4 lets you make the interface and organize it however you want. Making the interface efficient, orderly, and in familiar language is a fantastic way to make it feel like home.

  • Organize reports in a language and fashion that reflects how you do business.

  • Provide stakeholder groups with different reporting needs bespoke sections of reports.

  • Make the tool reflect your business, there’s no need to adapt to it.


Empower Users

Learning Key Workflows and Customizations

The final step of our adoption process is getting users actively in GA4 and learning how to effectively and efficiently find the data that they need.

Training is a critical component of our adoption process that isn’t possible without the previous steps. 

Training proves the special utility that GA4 offers and shows users how to harness it for themselves. It builds confidence in users and quells concerns. 

Training empowers users to begin using GA4 as a business tool.

  • Real use cases provide users with tangible solutions to familiar problems.
  • Customized training leverages real data and real use cases to frame the learning and ensures relevance.
  • Training provides proof to users of the power of the new tool and the potential it has for work.

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