Marketing Durability Accelerator

Ensure your marketing remains durable in the face of third-party cookie deprecation.

The Industry Today

Google Chrome is removing third-party cookies. AI is transforming how marketers do their jobs. Governments are adding new privacy rules. Access to legacy Google Analytics Data will shut down in July.


You need to protect your bottom line. Napkyn can help.



The Accelerator in Action


We assess your data

Reviewing your current practices for media and marketing data, we determine how you'll be impacted by changes coming for marketing data this year.

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We draw you a map

We map out a detailed comprehensive path ahead that prioritizes immediate, concrete steps to more durable marketing data.


We put you in motion

We take the first steps on the roadmap with you, directly helping you accelerate your way to more durable data.

  • Through the Marketing Data Durability Accelerator program,
    we provide an assessment and roadmap that address both
    recovery of signal lost from changes to cookies and reporting,
    and adjustments to your marketing tactics to maintain your
    return on investment.
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