Multinational Automobile Manufacturer Selects Napkyn

September 20, 2020 


Today, Napkyn Analytics  announced that a leading automobile manufacturer has engaged Napkyn to implement GA360 for their Tier 1 website with capabilities to activate audiences, optimize media, deliver insights within and between in-market and near market audiences and perform behavioural, content consumption and conversion comparison analysis, enabling data-driven attribution to inform their digital marketing strategy. 

The Automobile Manufacturer recognized their barrier to improving customer experience and marketing efficacy  was a lack of the high-quality data and robust analytics required to capture an accurate picture of their buyer’s needs and behaviours in order to  personalize their customers’ digital experiences, and achieve the company’s key business objective of being a digital-first organization.


The Manufacturer is not alone in their realization that data back marketing analysis is instrumental in meeting their goals. In fact,  according to a recent Forrester Report, decision makers identified access to high quality data as the number one fator driving their marketing performance success and  82% of marketing leaders are making marketing/ media data quality improvements a “top” or “high” priority. 

This project will also add significant value to the Manufacturer’s objective to leverage GMP integrations to create synergy in reporting, better capitalization on user behaviour to optimize media budgets and strategy, as well as to better understand the Manufacturer's Critical Path Analysis (CPA) .  

The Automobile Manufacturer chose Napkyn Analytics for their 11 year track record and their  90 Day Google Analytics 360 (GA360) Implementation Methodology. That methodology is based on best practices iterated on and validated across dozens of implementations for marketing organizations in the Manufacturing, Utilities/Energy, Financial Services, Retail/eCommerce, and Healthcare sectors. Napkyn’s  90-day GA360 implementation Methodology  results in the company collecting high quality data on day 91 and includes: 


  • Discovery and Planning: Conduct stakeholder audits to  capture alignment on key metrics to ensure data quality & confidence and technological alignment to ensure reduced duplication of effort in tag management.
  • Implementation: Stack alignment and guidance on rectifying cross domain tracking issues. 
  • Marketing Analysis and Configuration: Including Customer journey analysis, leveraging integrations to create greater reporting synergy and capitalization on user behaviour to optimize marketing budget and strategy. 
  • Training and Data Governance: deliver customized training and assistance in establishing workflows to ensure alignment and help drive efficiencies. 


“Helping customers create unquestioned trust in the data they have and are using in order to make intelligent business decisions, is a very important part of what we do,” commented Jim Cain, CEO of Napkyn Analytics, “we are very excited to help this move this company toward a data-driven future state.”

Ongoing returns from  the Automobile Manufacturer’s investment include:


  • Speeds up and improves campaign and advertising spending decisions and modifications  
  • Creates clarity on digital marketing performance and contribution to company’s primary objectives  
  • Provides marketing leaders with the data to drive cross-team collaboration with customer support, product management and corporate communications  The ability to respond to change with agility, intelligence and precision.
  • Visibility into previously unknown low and high ROI marketing activities and spending. 


Of importance in the evaluation process was Napkyn’s standing as a Premier Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Partner providing services across Data Tech Implementation & Engineering, Data Quality, Data Analysis and Data Activation. 

About Napkyn Analytics

Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics and data engineering company with more than a decade of experience working with data-driven enterprise marketing and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 and hyper-growth organizations. They select and retain Napkyn for expertise in Data Enablement, Data Quality and Data Analysis developed and delivered across a wide range of industries -  Financial Services, Utilities/Energy, Healthcare, Retail/eCommerce, Automotive. Napkyn is a Google Premier Solution Partner for Google Marketing Platform and a Certified Google Cloud Service Partner. Napkyn’s vision is a world where marketers are ethically collecting, integrating, managing and putting into action high quality data to produce outsized benefits for customers, employees, and their community. 

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