Top 5 Benefits of an Analyst On Demand Service


Enterprise marketing leaders know the impact a dedicated analytics department can bring to an organization. Their data analysts allow them to move from talking about the promise of data-driven to realizing the value of being data-driven. Tasked with supplying the executive intelligence & insight that leads to superior decision making, a first rate analytics team or even a single analyst catches unseen mistakes that lose you money and finds the previously hidden revenue opportunity.

But the investment required to find and build the right team even if it's starting with a team of one - not to mention the ramp up time required to see actionable results -  can be arduous.  Budgets are in flux and you need them to be data driven as quickly as possible to navigate the most complex complex business environment in generations. 

Your peers are increasingly using an analyst on demand service either as a quick start solution or an augmentation to their current team. Allowing them to increase their analyst capacity and be data-driven today. 

Below are 5 reasons an analyst on demand service was the best option for your peers and may be the best option for you. . 


  1. Time to value: There is a lot of time and money that goes into standing up a new employee.  Benefits, computers, training, all cost money.  Getting comfortable in a new role often takes months.  Napkyn’s analyst program has a deliberate onboarding process that allows us to be adding value in days, not months.  It’s like having the best employee with none of the costs and risks.
  2. Proper incentivisation:  Most consulting programs are built around creating margins and selling work.  (this is why many execs don’t like working with consultants).  A recurring value as a service program is built around the lifetime value of the relationship.  This means that we’re incentivized the same way an employee is.
  3. Better internal alignment: Napkyn has best practices and workflows around how to work effectively with both the technology team and the business users. For example, many companies have major disconnects between marketers and developers.  Napkyn helps not only bring these groups together, but create major efficiencies which mean you can create and use your data faster.
  4. Experience and bench depth: Most digital analysts have less than 5 years of experience.  Napkyn is over a decade old, and collectively has multiple decades of collective experience.  While there are dedicated resources to every analyst program customer, the entire team will be called on depending on the type of work.  For the price of a single employee, you will be getting an entire department.
  5. Build, Train & Transition: over time the preference may be to have all analysis done in-house. The Napkyn approach has been designed so that you have the option to have our team train your (current or future) team on a timeline that allows you to build the right team and know they can take over without missing a beat. 

Napkyn  has been providing executive consultation exclusively in digital data and measurement since 2009. Strategic, long term, flexible, on-demand, and a fixed monthly price to suit your budgeting needs, contact us to learn how Napkyn can be the secret department you need to succeed at your organization.

Ready to augment your analyst team?

Napkyn  has been providing executive consultation exclusively in digital data and measurement since 2009