Napkyn to Speak at Marketing Analytics Summit 2022

Napkyn Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Cain, to present at the Marketing Analytics Summit, North America, June 22nd, 2022.

Napkyn Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Cain, to present at the Marketing Analytics Summit, North America, June 22nd, 2022.

Napkyn, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform, today announced that Napkyn  Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Cain, will be a featured speaker at the Marketing Analytics Summit 2022 on June 22nd in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is the origin of the Digital Analytics Association and “the conference for digital analysts trailblazers” with a 19-year history of sharing marketing analytics wisdom.  The 2022 Summit  brings together digital analysts and marketing professionals from around the world to master marketing data to create an impact.

Since 2002 the Summit has been the accelerator of 20,000 careers and the launchpad of 100 startups. Learn more at the Marketing Analytics Summit website. 


Huge changes in digital marketing are no longer periodic, they’re cyclical.  Development of infrastructure excellence in four critical areas creates competitive advantages and ensures your business is future-proof.In this session Jim walks the audience through these four critical areas:

1.      Durable Data Infrastructure

2.      Complete View of First-Party Data

3.      Realizing Competitive Data Advantages

4.      Set up your team and processes to stay agile through major changes.

When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 1:40 PM (PST)

Where: The Marketing Analytics Summit 2022 is taking place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 20th to the 23rd.  Conference, Workshop and Combo tickets are available on the Summit website.

About Jim Cain

It was Jim’s curiosity about how data can be leveraged by marketers that led to him establishing Napkyn in 2009. He ideated, delivered, and iterated all of the early services delivered by Napkyn to enterprise clients. Later spearheading the partnership developed with Google that continues to be core to our business today. Jim  has a unique ability to connect the dots for where the industry and individual brands will and can go with their data-driven initiatives. 

With Jim’s strategies direction, Napkyn has been awarded  three times as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.  Jim’s goals include employing his deep-seated love of data to help enterprise marketing leaders achieve success through analytics done properly. 

Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and resides in  Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City.  


About Napkyn

Napkyn, a Kepler Group company, is a digital analytics and media solutions provider with more than a decade of experience helping organizations implement and activate high quality data to make superior business decisions. Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies across North America, Napkyn delivers world class data management and enterprise enablement solutions to data-driven marketing and technology leaders.

Napkyn is a Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Partner, providing technology licensing and modern marketing services that inspire brands and agencies to connect, innovate, and experiment with privacy-forward digital solutions. Learn more about Napkyn at or by following Napkyn on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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