Making Your Data Actionable: GA4 Integrations for Insights and Media Activation

Google Analytics 4  is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for insights and media activation available. And, even if you’re just starting your migration journey, it’s not too soon to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate with other tools.

November 14, 2022 - Google Analytics 4  is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for insights and media activation available. And, even if you’re just starting your migration journey, it’s not too soon to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate with other tools.

Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful and helpful integrations for GA4 that allow marketers to not just analyze data, but act on it! For example: User segmentation, audience creation,  remarketing, A/B testing, personalization, and more!

    Google BigQuery


    BigQuery is a fully-managed Google Cloud data warehouse that allows users to manage and analyze big data with the help of powerful built-in tools like machine learning, business intelligence, data science, and geospatial analysis.

    A great advantage of GA4 is the ability to export raw, unsampled data to BQ for free. BQ makes advanced data manipulation possible and is great at fixing data integration issues and cross-platform data.  By integrating GA4 with BQ you can seamlessly pass  granular data from GA4 to BQ so you can analyze the data any way you want, keep historical data as long as you want and bring in other data sources to augment your web analytics. 

    GA4 BigQuery Export integration info 

    Search Console


    Search Console is a free platform offered by Google that allows users to monitor various in-depth metrics that are related to your website’s performance and presence in the Google search results pages.

    Through this tool, marketers can track their keyword performance, determine site traffic, troubleshoot issues, and receive messages from Google related to their website.

    The tool is invaluable when it comes to getting insights on how your website is performing on organic search and what adjustments to make to it in the Google index. This is particularly useful for SEO purposes as it can help businesses discover various ways to boost performance, find out about the gaps in their strategy, learn how and from where people are coming to their website, and enable them to create a marketing strategy that can catapult the website to the top of the SERPs. 

    Once you’ve linked GA4 to Search Console, you’ll be able to see how your website is performing in organic search results on Google  – something not available in GA out-of-the-box. 

    Integration Instructions

    Google Ads


    Google Ads was one of the very first Google products to have integration capabilities with GA4. The tool is the world’s most popular advertising tool and has a symbiotic relationship with GA – it is built to get ad metrics and reporting from Google Ads to Google Analytics and sends audiences and get conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads.

    Importing your GA4 conversions data in Google Ads helps you see GA conversion data in Google Ads and gives the Smart Bidding feature access to more data around how users interact with your site. This information can lower ad costs and increase conversions. 

    GA4 to Google Ads linking info

    Google Ads Manager

    Google Ads Manager is an enterprise-grade platform that allows publishers to display and manage ads on their websites or app. Ads Manager offers fine control and supports multiple ad networks, including AdSense, AdExchange, and hundreds of third-party networks and exchanges.

    When you link your Ad Manager network with a GA4 property, your Analytics App and web data from that property becomes available in your Ad Manager reports. Viewing and gathering reports on information regarding app monetization and behavioral data from Google Analytics 4 allows advertisers to further track the customer journey and provide deeper audience insights. 

    GA4 to Google Ads Manager linking info

    Google Optimize

    Optimize is a robust A/B testing tool that allows marketers to test different versions of web pages and see which one performs the best against the goals that you have set. The tool monitors the result of the test and allows marketers to determine which version has the potential to perform the best.

    By using Optimize, you can test new website designs, content, and layout with a visitor subset. Instead of relying on arbitrary opinions and instincts to determine the best page or design, Optimize allows you to run a simple experiment with real-world users and get results that are easy to understand.

    The straightforward native GA4 & Optimize integration allows for deeper analysis in GA4 which means you can dig deeper into a test’s performance and how it impacted user behaviour across your app or website. 

    GA4 Google Optimize integration info

    Display & Video 360


    Display & Video 360 is a programmatic advertising platform that allows marketers to place bids on display ad placement on the publisher’s website. The tool allows marketers to design creatives, organize audience data, optimize ad campaigns, and purchase inventory.

    Integrating GA4 with DV360 enables some very powerful use cases:

    1. You can define high value audiences using GA4’s analysis tools, then send these audiences to DV360 for customized targeting.
    2. You’ll be able to identify low-value audiences and suppress them from DV360 campaigns to optimize budgets.
    3. You can export conversions to DV360 then use custom bidding scripts based on GA conversions.

    GA4 to DV360 linking info

    Search Ads 360



    Search Ads 360 is a platform similar to Google Ads but allows marketers to run their ads on just across multiple channels but also across various search engines besides Google. Hence, this tool is a must-have if you want to run upscale search marketing campaigns.

    The platform offers an optimized workflow and robust reporting features that allow users to run ad campaigns smoothly and efficiently while ensuring its automatic bidding features result in improved ad campaign performance. Built-in integration allows buyers to track and manage digital campaigns across a single platform, enabling cross-channel buying, attribution, and reporting.

    Linking your GA4 property to SA360 has a lot of benefits, including Analytics exports audiences and conversions, Search Ads campaign and cost data is imported to Analytics and analytics app & site engagement metrics are available in SA360 reports. 

    GA4 to Search Ads 360 linking info

    Start Using These Insights and Media Tools Today!

    If your organization is using these tools but have not started your transition to GA4, now is the time! To ensure the success of your business online, you need to create an effective strategy by leveraging Google Analytics 4 data. 

    Are you interested in getting the most out of your analytics technology but do not have the necessary team or expertise to do so? Napkyn has you covered! Contact us today to schedule an executive consultation.

    P.S. If you’re not using these tools but would like to, Napkyn can help with this too.

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