What Google Wants You to Know Right Now

Recently, Google brought senior marketers & agency leaders together to discuss priorities, challenges, goals, & product roadmaps. This is what we heard:

Recently, Google brought senior marketers & agency leaders together to discuss priorities, challenges, goals, & product roadmaps. This is what we heard:

Google is investing heavily into knowledge & computing advancements


  • AI & Multimodality: MULTISEARCH with text, image, & camera to inform results.
  • Ambient Computing: SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES across every device. OS, etc.
  • AR: Google Lens helps Search; GLASSES will transform information around us.

Privacy is at the core. My Ad Center is accessible to all to control PII / ad experiences.

Expect more from Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox, e.g. Topics API, for audience activation.


The future is modeled, consented, and driven by 1st party data


  • Connect: Onboard 1PD to activate and measure; complement with feeds.
  • Experiment: With cookie challenges in a privacy-centric world, BRANDS MUST TEST AND LEARN cookieless solutions to build confidence now.

… all underpinned by privacy-forward solutions within GMP & Google Cloud. GA4 is purpose-built with a “consent first” approach.

Overheard: Media buyers have mixed feelings about Google Ads PerformanceMax (PMax) campaigns, which automate media fluidly across Google O&O. Control is limited, yet PMaxDR results have been strong. Expect PMax to be a Google focus with A/B testing, insights, and brand awareness optimization on the way. PMax is coming to GMP: SA360 soon, DV360 TBD.


YouTube is the main stream


  • Reach: YouTube is #1 in CTV with 50% of ad supported streaming viewership
    • YOUTUBE SHORTS are growing exponentially; VERTICAL TIKTOK-LIKE VIDEOS
  • Performance: Improvements in SHOPPABLE VIDEO ADS; 23%+ ROI vs TV in MMM?

YouTube makes a compelling case to be the starting point of multi-screen video planning, powered by industry-leading reach on relevant, suitable, and shoppable video content, with privacy-forward addressability and measurement.”

Overheard: Senior marketers need help proving the value of branding to earn more budget.

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