Ultimate Guide to GA4’s Segment Overlap Report

Stretching the capabilities of Google Analytics, GA4 has introduced analysts and digital marketers to a whole new realm of reporting and actionability. 

Stretching the capabilities of Google Analytics, GA4 has introduced analysts and digital marketers to a whole new realm of reporting and actionability. 

One feature that has played a key role in this regard is the Segment Overlap Report. 

This article will discuss in detail what this report is, how it benefits marketers, and how it has upgraded the reporting scene.     


What is GA4’s Segment Overlap Report? 


As the name indicates, a Segment Overlap Report allows efficient comparison of user segments by highlighting their relationships and possible overlaps. It is a powerful tool to improve your data exploration techniques or beef up the Google Analytics reports. 

You can use GA4’s Segment Overlap Report to identify how much of your traffic is being shared by up to three segments and identify opportunities to improve your conversion rate. By eliminating the overlap, you can improve the performance of each segment.

For example, you can use this report to see how many users interact with your content via mobile phone and desktop and then analyze the possible overlap of this segment with the prospects that become paying customers. 

If the report shows a significant overlap, you can deduce that the conversion path begins on mobile phones and ends on desktops. This paves the way for testing an interesting hypothesis that can improve how you display ads for your target audience.    

A feature like this has never been provided for analysts and digital marketers before.


The Benefits of GA4’s Segment Overlap Report


The findings from GA4’s Segment Overlap Report give valuable insights into the chosen audiences. You can create new segments or decide to isolate specific ones after analyzing the results. The new segments can be included in other Google Analytics reports or analyzed using different techniques. 


How to Use GA4’s Segment Overlap Report


Follow the steps below to create a Segment Overlap Report.

Step 1

Click on the Explore button in the menu on the left side of GA4.

Step 2

When the screen shows the Exploration section, select the blank template. 

Step 3

A new screen will appear, divided into three columns:

  • Variable – This is where you see dimensions, metrics, and segments and can edit your report’s name and data range.
  • Tab Settings – In this section, you can select your preferred reporting technique and visualization type (pie chart, bar graph, table, etc.)
  • Free Form 1 – This is where you’ll see all the data. Any changes made to the above sections will be reflected here. 

Step 4

Go to the Tab Settings column. Open the drop-down menu under Technique and select Segment Overlap. 

Step 5

Click on Exploration Name to enter your report’s title. Then just below that, use the drop-down arrow to alter the date range. A popup will appear with the calendar. You can choose from the given options or set a custom date range.  

Once done, click Apply.

Step 6

Now, it’s time to add the segments to the report. 

Enter up to three segments in the respective section. Once done, click on the vertical dots beside each name to apply the changes. 

Voila! You’ve created a Segment Overlap Report. 


Interpreting Results on GA4’s Segment Overlap Report



The report will show a Venn diagram illustrating the overlap between the chosen segments. The size of each section of the diagram corresponds to the number of users in that segment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when navigating the report:


  • When you put the cursor on the interior of a segment, the report will showcase exclusive (without any overlap) numbers for that segment. 
  • When put on a segment’s border, the cursor will show inclusive numbers (including those overlapping with other segment/s).
  • You can also move the cursor to the intersection of two segments to gauge their correlation.  

The report will also include a table below the Venn diagram to show the exact number of users in each segment and the overlap between the segments.

These insights will be helpful when you’re trying to figure out which segments of your audience are most valuable or decide which groups to target with your marketing campaigns. For example, you can create an Audience by right-clicking on the needed overlap and then use this Audience in Google Ads to target that specific audience. 


Use Filters and the Breakdown Function to Customize Your Report



Filters on GA4’s Segment Overlap Report allow you to hide the data you don’t want to see. You can select from the list of available dimensions or drop your desired ones in the Filters column under Tab Settings. 

Once you save the changes, you’ll notice that the chosen data will disappear from the report. 


You can work with different dimensions to break down your report. 

Go to Breakdown under Tab Settings and select the dimensions you want to see the breakdown on in the popup menu (for example, age group or country).  

The changes will be reflected in the final report after you apply the dimensions. 


Can You Download or Share GA4’s Segment Overlap Report?


Yes. Absolutely.

Find the Download icon in the upper right corner of the Reporting tab and click on it. Select your preferred format from the menu (PDF, Google Sheets, CSV, TSV, or PDF-all tabs). 

You can also share the report with your colleagues by clicking on the respective icon beside the Download button. A small screen will appear, highlighting some necessary details and asking you to confirm your decision to share the document. 

Click on the Share button, and you’re good to go!   


Make the Most of GA4’s Segment Overlap Report With Experts! 


Our experts are at your service to help you navigate, use, and capitalize on GA4’s Segment Overlap Report. Whether you’re interested in creating a custom audience for remarketing purposes or just want to gain insights into how different segments interact, we’ve got you covered! 

Get in touch with us today to discuss insights you can glean from GA4’s Segment Overlap Report and how they can take your marketing from good to great. 

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