About Napkyn

Passionately Dedicated to our Clients' Success

Napkyn is an elite, full-stack Google reseller and activation partner.
We are a team of strategists, engineers, data scientists, and marketing execution experts that help our clients be better data-driven marketers.

We are backed by our parent's deep resources, experience activating billions in optimized marketing spend, and 25,000+ colleagues around the world.


Years Experience
GMP License Clients

A Kepler Group Company

In 2021 Napkyn was acquired by Kepler and merged with ADVZ's media capabilities to expand GMP licensing and services. Headquartered in New York with offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, London, Singapore, and San Jose Costa Rica, Kepler is a member of kyu, a strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. 


The Napkyn Approach

How We Work

Reliable data leads to superior business decision capabilities. As a premier analytics and media consulting company, we work with clients at every stage of the measurement lifecycle, from audits, strategy and configurations, to advanced digital intelligence programs, optimizing the collection, management, and understanding of their digital marketing data.


Data Truth Tellers

We believe our job is to analyze the data and tell the data's story without embellishment, or our own opinion getting in the way of Data Truth.

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Experience Led & Results Driven

We help brands understand the role data plays in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real world business problems, always keeping the focus on the customer's experience and results generated.

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Outcome Oriented

We help clients become analytics-driven organizations that achieve better performance & improved business results through data.


Transparency & Communication

Complete project visibility and open communication from day one including frequent & detailed project updates and status.


Comprehensive Productized Services

We offer a tried-and-tested portfolio of productized services across every stage of the measurement lifecycle.


Non-Negotiable Integrity

Our success and how we are seen by others is defined by our integrity. It translates into the quality of our work & the trust clients place in us.


Our Google Partnership

Google Partners for 8+ years, we are certified Google Marketing Platform Sales and Google Cloud partners holding a record of excellent client services with Google offering comprehensive solutions across licensing, implementation, optimization, integration, and training.

With 75+ GMP licensed customers, 250+ GA360 and GA4 deployments, and 40+ Google certifications, our team of analytics and media experts, solutions engineers, and data scientists specializes in advanced design, development and implementations of  GA4, GTM, DV360, SA360, CM360, Google Ads, and Cloud/BigQuery.

From our Clients

We help marketers achieve data-driven innovation across every aspect of the enterprise. 



“We saw incredible time to value when our Google Analytics 4 Implementation project only took 2 weeks, we were able to leverage and repurpose our existing investment in GA360 and the training you provided not only taught us how to answer the questions we needed GA4 to answer but how to ask better questions, significantly increasing our ROI.”


Data Science

“We engaged Napkyn to help identify & prioritize customer groups based on needs and spending behavior. Not only did our customer segmentation project help us increase retention rates, we were also able to leverage the findings in messaging, creative development and channel selection - basically informing our overall marketing strategy.”


C-Suite Advisory & Data Strategy

“We reached out to  Napkyn to assist us in approaching data in a more deliberate way in order to mitigate the risks of the upcoming changes around cookie extinction, privacy legislation, etc. With Napkyn’s help we created an owned data set that is both scalable & mutable and created an end-to-end supply data chain that creates data at source.”


Programatic In-Housing

"Napkyn’s approach to accelerated programmatic in-housing, from timeline to execution, was truly remarkable."


Media Activation

"We tapped into the most innovative enterprise features of Search Ads 360, giving us a competitive advantage in driving our online and in-store business."