GA4 Monthly Roundup - Volume 3

Volume 3 of our monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

Volume 3 of our monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of.

    GA4 Word on the Street

    Attribution Solution: Google updates to GA4’s data-driven attribution model improves  model accuracy for conversion types with low conversion volume or short data history and consequently, fractional credit will be assigned for more conversion types than before.  Why should you care?  These updates mean you’ll get a more accurate picture of how you’re marketing efforts are performing, introduces new opportunities for marketers to gain great insight into their most critical user journeys, & helps you better understand how your marketing efforts work together to convert users.   

    What Would You Recommend?: Recently, Google added a nifty recommendation panel at the top of standard reports. Recommendations include things like creating a predictive audience to use in Google Ads and other helpful tips for better use of the data GA4 is collecting. 

    Less is More: At first glance, GA4’s left-hand navigation might seem sparse compared to UA360. Instead of 90 reports, there are only 18. But things aren’t exactly what they seem, GA4 reports have been restructured to be more efficient and less confusing. For example, the GA4 demographic details report combines 7 of the old UA360 reports in 1, and the Tech details report combines 10 in 1. Better presented information, less confusion, and less hunting around for specific reports. Everybody wins. 


    The Latest from Google


    Google is updating and adding new features to GA4 on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Here’s some of what’s new since our last newsletter:

    You can see the complete list on Google’s Support Site or read our latest articles below.

    Have questions about these features? Book a time with a GA4 Subject Matter Expert and get smarter about GA4.


    GA4 on the Napkyn Blog


    Our GA4 SMEs have been preparing for the transition to GA4 for a few years now, & have worked with dozens of clients on their transition. We also actively provide feedback to GA4’s product team and keep abreast of the latest updates & features so we can pass what’s most important i on to you.

    Here’s some of what our team wants to ensure you’re aware of: 

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    Client Questions


    Q: How long are deleted GA4 properties held before they are permanently gone?

    A: If you delete a GA4 property, it’s held in the trash can for 35 days. Any time during that 35 days you can manage any properties in the Trash Can in the Admin section under Account

    Q: Why are my GA4 conversions higher than my UA goal completions?  

    A: While UA only counts the first time an event happens per session as a conversion, GA4 counts every instance of an event as a conversion. For example, If you set playing a video as a conversion, GA4 counts every time the video is played in the session while UA only counts the first time.     

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    GA4 Tips & Lessons Learned 


    You know users can convert days or weeks after interacting with your ad right? Well, GA4’s attribution lookback window lets you see how far back in time a touchpoint was eligible for conversion credit. 

    So, with a 15-day lookback window, conversions from August 15will be attributed to touchpoints from August 1 to 15. The lookback window applies to all conversion types and attribution models.

    If you make changes to the window period, they’ll be reflected in all reports in the Analytics property going forward. If you’re considering acquisition conversion events like first visits, you’ll have a default lookback window of 30 days. You can, however, opt for a 7-day window if it’s more in line with your attribution needs. 

    For other conversion events, you get a 90-day lookback window. Alternative options include 30 and 60 days.  Plan a successful GA4 Transition


    In other Napkyn News


    Napkyn’s Founder & CINO, Jim Cain will be speaking again this year at Measure Summit, a 3-day, virtual event. Read the release and sign up for your free spot at the conference

    All of us a Napkyn are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Napkyn Team, Principal Account
    Manager, Melissa Brewer Clark.


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