Digital analytics consulting and engineering consultancy expands portfolio with new line of services geared toward helping clients confidently evolve to GA4 as their analytics source of truth. Napkyn, a leading analytics consultancy, today announced it has expanded its portfolio with a range of services designed to help brands successfully transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  […]

There have been some pretty big changes in the world of marketing in the  past 20 years, some of the big ones that come to mind are the introduction of PPC in 2002,   the launch of Remarketing in AdWords in 2010, the end of SEO (at least how we knew it to  that point) […]

There are a  lot of  things happening right now that have a lot of people worried: GA4, the end of current GA, using or not using GA in Europe, the list goes on. But I don’t think any of these are the real issue. The real issue is, why are things changing so quickly right […]

With the whirlwind of lawsuits and allegations based on recent (and not so recent events), FTC and other government activities, things are getting real. But, I am not pointing these things out as a criticism. I am certain everyone is all for people’s privacy. But certain types of advertising, targeting, and measurement might become a […]

Yes. We all know. We all have seen the message that Google is changing the default attribution model from Last Non-Direct Click to Data Driven starting this week in GA4. And people are losing their minds. And I am unsure why. Most people have not been using GA4 long enough, even if this would be […]

I suspect we are going to see many more terms like surveillance advertising in the future as non-tech savvy folks have a say in what should be fair and just in terms of privacy. “The ‘surveillance advertising’ business model is premised on the unseemly collection and hoarding of personal data to enable ad targeting,” I […]

Hi All, and thanks for coming to check out some Napkyn content as you kick off your new year.  If you keep an eye on us, you’ll know it’s been a pretty exciting last few months. I’m an employee for the first time in 13 years, which is a bit of a trip.  Frankly i’m […]