You have completed your Data Studio report and are ready to share it – except for one thing. Maybe the URLs in the table are too long or their page paths are unidentifiable. Maybe the table contains a list of YouTube videos that are identified by a string of letters and numbers. Maybe you are […]

Last week, our Analytics 360 Practice Lead Hollis Bowman and I attended a Google event at their NYC headquarters to learn more about the launch of their powerful new marketing measurement tool, Attribution 360. The full day event featured presentations from the Director of the Google Analytics 360 Suite (and former CEO of Adometry) Paul Pellman, […]

The day Google announced Google Analytics 360 Roll-Up Reporting I was super excited. Finally, a way to consolidate enterprise data without disrupting the delicate ecosystem of how other teams access and use the same data. The benefits of using Roll-Ups are huge: They support a cleaner analytics deployment and easier governance by removing parallel trackers; reduce hit […]

The best analysts, marketers, and business people today present analyses and answer questions by crafting a narrative that explains the data. Telling a story with data, rather than by simply presenting raw findings, makes it easier for that data to be consumed and understood. The success of this approach has much to do with the way […]

I want to discuss an underused feature in Google Tag Manager (GTM) that Napkyn Analytics recommends for all of our clients. The GTM environments feature allows different versions of the same GTM container to be selectively published to different environments. Most large websites will have an established release process that includes multiple environment tiers: updates […]

One benefit of using Data Studio for building reports is that you can customize dimensions, and now we can use regular expression (regex) matching (the [crayon-599d6b95cbe55155226583-i/] function) to regroup values of a dimension. Let’s say you are part of a sales team for an international company, and are responsible for Ontario and Quebec regions in Canada. You […]

The Napkyn Analytics team spent some quality time online with our partner ObservePoint on Thursday to attend their Mobile Analytics Summit, a day of hugely valuable (and free!) sessions led by some of the very best in mobile measurement. Speakers included  Krista Seiden from the Google Analytics for Firebase team, Chris Slovak from Tealium (who […]

Yesterday, I had my first speaking gig at eMetrics Chicago. A team member and I flew down and surrounded ourselves with peers, strangers, and old friends to talk about the problems we are struggling with, the ideas in our rear-view mirrors, and speed bumps we anticipate next. There were a lot of good speakers, but […]

Professionals who have been doing the same thing for a long time tend to take a lot of simple things for granted. No matter what analytics tool I’m using or what sort of website I’m working with the rules of the road are basically the same. I’m used to driving on the right side of […]