Heuristics. That’s a good word – a practical way of solving a problem that produces a, potentially not optimal, solution but is good enough based on constraints. The reason I love this word is because, back in the day (pre-machine learning), that (Advanced Heuristics) was a setting option that web analytics software ClickTracks, had and […]

Last week, Joy Brazelle reviewed some of the new features in Google Ads. If you missed the post, you can read it here. Today, we’re going to focus more on the “How To” side of things for one of the new features, Tag Assistant Support. . Tag Assistant helps confirm your conversion tags are working […]

Yesterday,  I attended the GMP’s 13th Women in Tech (#RealTalk) “Own Your Truth event to promote women empowerment & diversity across the industry. It  focused on how the power of storytelling helps you hone your authentic voice while driving deeper connections with those around you.  I didn’t really know what to expect going into this, […]

You hear a lot of mixed reviews about GA4 these days.  But one of my favorite things about GA4 is it gives you the opportunity and ability to turn your old thinking on its head. With GA4, you no longer focus on (outdated) things like page views and sessions. Now, everything is more interaction (event) […]

I’ve been feeling a little reminiscent lately, so I thought I’d dust off a post I wrote a year ago. I hope you enjoy it! A (fairly) new ‘The Ad Platform: eMarketer Podcast’ tackled the question’Why the Buy Side Wants Log-Level Data.’ So, I ask you the question, ‘Why would the buy side NOT want log-level […]

In March of 2020 we left our office for what we thought would be 2 weeks. Last Thursday, 18 months later, the Napkyn team came together in person for the first time, to participate in a one-day team building Hackathon.  We had team members come to Ottawa from Halifax, Ohio, Windsor, and the GTA, and for […]

If you’re still reading this series you seem to have bought into my illustration of the problem with why data projects fail in most businesses.  If no one owns data in the way I’ve described in previous posts (see a complete list at the end of this post) then any data initiative will get caught […]

Considering that in most organizations there is a clear and frustrating disconnect between the executives who want data and the analysts who create and work with it, sometimes data can seem like a four letter word. Add in the havoc of the current deprecation and ultimate extinction of the third-party cookie, and the expletive level […]

What is gross margin? Gross Margin = (Total Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold)/Total Revenue). To improve gross margin, you can increase total revenue or decrease the cost of goods sold. Google Analytics data can easily help with insights on how to increase revenue. How can Google Analytics help you to increase your company’s revenue? […]