So much of digital analytics is an artefact of how it all began, and it began with some pretty serious limitations. Even if you’re a digital analyst by trade, to do your job well you need to start looking at the bigger picture. And then there were hits Digital analytics got its start when people […]

The Intersection of Digital Analytics and Data Science: An Introduction (Video)

by Alex Reid

The evolution of analytics technology has allowed the web to become a significant source of  digital data for marketing decision making. But with the rise of cloud technology, this digital data is increasingly being used beyond the marketing department as the source for traditional business decision making, from supply chain to the sales cycle and […]

Recently a number of our partners have begun porting their content to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –  a Google-led open source project that facilitates super-fast-loading mobile content. AMP enforces strict limitations on developers and content to ensure code is optimized for speed. Part of this optimization is the requirement to use lighter versions of Google […]

The holidays sneak up on me every year. As Black Friday approaches, I’m starting to do research on what to buy my close friends and family. I’m taking my time, clicking on the URLs that have been compiled as wish lists and sent to me, and perusing the product lists for other gift ideas. I […]

In the previous entry in this series on Roll-Up Reporting for Google Analytics 360, I went over the more strategic considerations of how and why you might build a Roll-Up of existing GA web properties. Now that you have the foundations sorted out, you’re ready to build against your plan. The mechanics of building a […]

Digital analytics has been maturing over the years, moving from pageviews, through sessions and individual events, to a visitor-centric approach to understanding online activity. Most digital analysts are, at least, coming to the point where they understand that customer journeys are bigger than the last session. Many are well past that point, and are looking […]

Visualising funnels in Google Data Studio takes some creativity without a default widget available. You may have built a funnel using scorecard widgets and rectangles or an uploaded image of an inverted triangle. We have used scorecard widgets with arrows between them. Scorecards work well to show the static performance of each step in your […]

I wanted to write a little about the management part of tag management, and this is the first of a few posts I intend to write on the topic of good tag management governance. I’ve seen too many examples of tag managers be misused, becoming bloated, broken, and beyond saving. This is a problem that […]

Co-authored by Ed Finn and Pat Cooney. Recently, Apple made changes to the way that Safari 11 will handle cookie data. Apple calls this Intelligent Tracking Prevention. These changes will significantly effect advertisers and vendors who make extensive use of third party cookie data. Generally speaking, if you’ve been using third party cookies to send […]

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that it started rolling out to Google Analytics 360 customers in August: data streaming into BigQuery. This offers Analytics 360 customers a great opportunity to start working with more complete near-real-time data much more rapidly than they could before. That’s especially exciting for online retailers nearing their peak season. […]