To date myself a little, I vividly recall reading the blog post from Avinash Kaushik called “The 10/90 Rule for Magnificent Web Analytics success”.  This was in the earlier days of digital analytics, when it was still called ‘web analytics’, and a small group of prominent bloggers and the nascent Web Analytics Association were starting […]

The last in our Flashback Flash forward series by Jim Cain. For each segment you can watch the video or read the transcript located below. Data is an asset. The more an organization, and analysts/marketers in the organization, start to think about data as something that you paid for, you created, you should own, and […]

Part Three in this series. Read Part 1 Flashback: Data Analytics Infrastructure 1995-2015 and Part 2 Flash Forward: Data Analytics Infrastructure: 2023 I gave a talk on this subject a couple of months ago to a room of analysts, and I asked for a show of hands of people whose businesses were in the process […]

This is a continuation of last week’s post Flashback: Data Analytics Infrastructure: 1995-2015 Big changes started happening several years ago when Apple started making significant changes to their Safari browser to deprecate certain types of third-party and first party cookies. Now Google has said, in 2023 their browsers will also move towards a cookieless world.  […]

Part 1 of a series based on my talk at the 2022 Marketing Analyics Summit. Watch the video or read the transcript below. Transcript Let us go back to 1995. Will Smith is still cool, e-commerce is a thing, albeit a brand new thing, and larger businesses are starting to buy, and invest into their […]

This on-demand webinar is a reprise of a talk Napkyn Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Jim Cain gave at the 2022 Marketing Analytics Summit. Changes in digital marketing are no longer periodic, they’re cyclical.  Development of infrastructure excellence in four critical areas creates competitive advantages and ensures your business is future-proof in the way data […]

There are a  lot of  things happening right now that have a lot of people worried: GA4, the end of current GA, using or not using GA in Europe, the list goes on. But I don’t think any of these are the real issue. The real issue is, why are things changing so quickly right […]

Hi All, and thanks for coming to check out some Napkyn content as you kick off your new year.  If you keep an eye on us, you’ll know it’s been a pretty exciting last few months. I’m an employee for the first time in 13 years, which is a bit of a trip.  Frankly i’m […]

If you’re still reading this series you seem to have bought into my illustration of the problem with why data projects fail in most businesses.  If no one owns data in the way I’ve described in previous posts (see a complete list at the end of this post) then any data initiative will get caught […]

Considering that in most organizations there is a clear and frustrating disconnect between the executives who want data and the analysts who create and work with it, sometimes data can seem like a four letter word. Add in the havoc of the current deprecation and ultimate extinction of the third-party cookie, and the expletive level […]