There are a  lot of  things happening right now that have a lot of people worried: GA4, the end of current GA, using or not using GA in Europe, the list goes on. But I don’t think any of these are the real issue. The real issue is, why are things changing so quickly right […]

Before I begin, I’d like to credit Danial Nakhaeinia as co-author of this post, he’s who I mean when I reference my favourite data scientest about the mid-way point. So, anyone who knows me, knows I have been ensconced in the attribution world for over a decade. Taking a step back – Attribution, we’ll keep […]

If you’re still reading this series you seem to have bought into my illustration of the problem with why data projects fail in most businesses.  If no one owns data in the way I’ve described in previous posts (see a complete list at the end of this post) then any data initiative will get caught […]

Only 2 days left to register. Don’t miss this live presentation with Napkyn CEO Jim Cain, Wednesday Oct 6 at 2PM Eastern In March of this year, Napkyn Founder & CEO, Jim Cain unveiled The 4 C’s For Executives. A framework he developed over a ten year period working with senior executives across North America […]

‘Optional metrics’ and ‘Drill Down’ features We all see very busy dashboards with multiple tables and dimensions that are hard to comprehend or take any action based on the data you see. I am guilty of building these dashboards myself. You want to show as much valuable data as possible, and the monster is growing. […]

What are two things that are never going away, Alex?  (Well, not any time soon anyway). Note:  Believe it or not, I do actually research (some of) these posts.  That said, some of the ‘facts’ and times are directionally accurate – but may not be precise.  So haters, don’t be fact-checkers. I remember shortly after […]

So, I wrote this over a decade (back when I used to THOROUGHLY research my posts. So much has changed (adios Flash!), but so much has stayed the same! Update 10/8/2010 – Imagine what this will mean if the Microsoft acquisition is real. There’s been no shortage of speculation about the true motive behind Adobe’s […]