Reunited & it Feels So Good

by Tara Landry

In March of 2020 we left our office for what we thought would be 2 weeks. Last Thursday, 18 months later, the Napkyn team came together in person for the first time, to participate in a one-day team building Hackathon. 

We had team members come to Ottawa from Halifax, Ohio, Windsor, and the GTA, and for many of us it was the first time meeting face to face. 

Photo Credit: Colin Temple

Working in groups we generated actionable ideas, strategic concepts and process improvements. Our goals for this event was to inspire our team, promote creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking in order to establish a stream of valuable ideas that will benefit not only Napkyn, but our clients as well. 

It was a resounding success, ideas were generated that we’re currently working to put into practice, and we’re all ready planning our next get together!

Tara Landry

Marketing Manager

With more than 20 years of experience as a marketing communications professional, Tara has in-depth campaign experience from conception to analysis and is passionate about content, translating marketing ideas across all organizational levels, and punk rock.

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