AdTech Privacy 2021 e-Guide: What it Means to You as an Advertiser or Brand

by Napkyn Analytics

It’s happening.  But actually, it has been happening for a while now.  

Why it’s Happening 

People are more concerned with their privacy online as they have become increasingly aware of (and frustrated with) ads ‘following them around’, and sites they’ve never been to before knowing things about them.  They’ve expressed the need, or maybe even demanded – for someone to protect their online privacy.

And the browsers have listened, and acted.

What’s Happening

Because of this ever-increasing focus on an individual’s protection, the world of data capture, personalization, and user identification is changing almost daily.  Right now, there is so much going on, the online measurement world is in quite a state of flux.

The biggest reason for the changes that are happening is the result of how different browsers’ are handling cookies (being completely blocked or forced to expire after 24 hours or 7 days) and referring URLs from sites flagged as ‘cross-site tracking’ domains in Duck Duck Go’s Tracker Radar list (truncated at the top level domain – meaning no page level nor tracking parameters),  

Without data gathered through first or third party cookies, sites serving personalized (free) content and relevant ads will be extremely challenged.  Questions such as who are returning or new users or even which users are more likely to convert are going to be harder to answer. Without page level referring URLs, SEO analysis is extremely challenged.  And, it keeps getting worse, without referring URL tracking parameters, campaign performance reporting is dead in the water.  Or is it?  

Personalization and performance reporting debilitation sounds like a one-two punch.   Sounds like you should panic.  Step away from the doomsday thinking and get a plan that addresses the changes in privacy legislation.  Here a couple of steps that we suggest:

What’s Inside: 

  1. Know the facts
  2. Understand the impact
  3. Effectively communicate and plan for the changes – what has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen
  4. Identify opportunities
  5. Keep calm and keep monitoring, understanding, and improving

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