GA4 Tip: How to Update Basic Tagging Settings

by Joy Brazelle

GA4 fun today! It is so easy to update your basic tagging settings (well, once you know where they are).

  1. From the Property Settings section in the Admin page of your GA4 account, select Data Streams and click the stream you want to update.
  2. Scroll down and select Additional Settings.

We’re not talking about the Events options today, just these two tips:

1 – Configure your domains – Use this to add domains that should be part of your site, so they aren’t seen as ‘Outbound Clicks (leaving your site).

2 – Define internal traffic – Use this to filter your internal traffic by IP address(es). And there is even a What’s my IP address? link so you don’t have to Google it.

However, this filter only becomes useful when you test and activate it. Do that in GA4 Admin by selecting Data Settings, then Data Filters. There you will see the Internal traffic filter you created. You should check the data* and then, if the data looks correct, activate the filter.

Activating the Filter

There are two ways to activate the filter, an easy way if the data looks good and should be Excluded, and another easy way (maybe with a few more clicks), if you need to make changes before activating it.

  1. Click the three dots and select Activate Filter.
  2. If you need to make changes, click the > to edit the Filter, make the changes, test again, and then switch the State to Active.

Data Retention

Now, for a third tip:). And it is a good one! Since you are already in the GA4 Admin, Data Settings section, click the Data Retention link. This will show you how long your data will be available. It defaults to 2 months, you probably want to select the other option 14 months.

Don’t worry.  There are plenty more fun GA4 tips on the way!

*To test the data, go to an overview report. Add a Comparison using the Dimension – Test data filter name and selecting your filter name.

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