Google Advances Optimize 360 Personalization Capabilities With Adwords Integration

by Alex Reid

When we speak with our clients about Google’s enterprise testing and personalization platform Optimize 360, the key benefits we highlight are its ability to test and target against existing custom audiences through a native integration with Google Analytics, as well as against any data point that exists in your data layer – that critical component for passing data to Google Tag Manager.

But the ability to truly personalize an onsite experience toward a specified audience’s interests, demographics, geography, behaviour, or where they were acquired elsewhere on the web has always been the area of the platform that has held the most potential for our clients. With the latest Adwords integration releases from the Google Optimize 360 team, the ability to deliver this kind of unique experience for an audience is more powerful than ever.

Today, marketers and advertisers know that landing pages convert best when the content matches the advertisement a user clicked on to get there. The more relevant the message, the more compelling the offer, and the most user friendly and eye catching the experience, the better the results. So what would happen if you could tailor that experience even further?

Let’s say you discovered through Google Analytics that users from Germany like audiobooks more than streaming music through your service. That’s what streaming content titan Spotify discovered after it analyzed marketing test results. Using the Adwords integration with Optimize, users in Germany searching for audiobooks that came through the Adwords search ad were displayed a custom landing page showcasing Spotify’s audiobook offering. Of course, the business saw an increase in conversions for their additional efforts to know their audience and be relevant to them.

With these releases, Optimize 360 customers can now target experiments and personalize experiences against Adwords accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. This means personalizing your web pages automagically based on specific search and shopping ads users click (Display targeting is coming soon, says Google).

More specifically, here’s what you can do with the Optimize 360 + Adwords Integration updates:

Connect Optimize with Adwords

The Optimize integration with Google Adwords lets you target experiments based on Adwords accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. With this integration, you can quickly learn from how users are behaving on your Adwords landing pages throughout your campaigns, and make updates to improve business outcomes. You can also automatically deliver specific landing pages to audiences based on fine grained criteria.

Integrating Optimize 360 and Adwords requires:

  • That you have Adwords linked to Google Analytics.
  • That you have Optimize 360 linked to Google Analytics.
  • That you are using the new Adwords experience.

Follow these steps from Google to get started.

Link multiple Adwords accounts at once

For better time to value for marketers with multiple Adwords accounts under a manager account, Google now lets you link your manager account directly to Optimize to pull those accounts in all at once.

Keyword flexibility

A single experiment can now be run against multiple keywords across different campaigns and ad groups. That means you can test multiple keywords against the same experience to improve results and quicken your time to insight.

Optimize 360 Enablement  

Interested in leveraging Optimize 360 for your business? As a Google Certified Partner for Optimize 360, Napkyn Analytics can help. Contact us to learn more about Optimize 360 licensing and our dedicated Optimize 360 Enablement and digital data analysis programs.

Alex Reid

Lead, Marketing and Partnerships

As the Lead of Marketing and Partnerships at Napkyn Analytics, Alex is responsible for continuously developing Napkyn's leadership position in the industry of digital measurement, and managing our relationships and opportunities with our most strategic industry partners including Google, Tealium, and ObservePoint. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter! @TechAlly

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