The Intersection of Digital Analytics and Data Science: An Introduction (Video)

by Alex Reid

The evolution of analytics technology has allowed the web to become a significant source of  digital data for marketing decision making. But with the rise of cloud technology, this digital data is increasingly being used beyond the marketing department as the source for traditional business decision making, from supply chain to the sales cycle and even human resourcing.

Recently, Jim Cain (CEO) and Colin Temple (Director of Analytics Solutions) presented on this subject to a sold out room at Carleton University for their Data Science Distinguished Speaker series. For those who couldn’t attend in person, here is a recording of the session. Here, Jim and Colin break down the history of digital analytics, the current state of industry best practice for digital data analysis and analytics technology infrastructure, and share real world use cases for best-in-class applications.

Alex Reid

Lead, Marketing and Partnerships

As the Lead of Marketing and Partnerships at Napkyn Analytics, Alex is responsible for continuously developing Napkyn's leadership position in the industry of digital measurement, and managing our relationships and opportunities with our most strategic industry partners including Google, Tealium, and ObservePoint. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter! @TechAlly

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