Want to build Excel Dashboards like Napkyn?: Google Analytics data in Excel with Reporting Manager

by Jim Cain

As analysts, we spend lots of time crunching data in Microsoft Excel. This has led to Napkyn’s strong reputation around high-value, at-a-glance digital performance dashboards in Google Analytics. There are a number of reasons we’re great at Excel dashboards, but a big one is around how we can refresh a large report in minutes instead of hours.

One of the tools we’ve been using to pull data from Google Analytics into Excel is Reporting Manager. We use Reporting Manager to power many of the dashboards that we deliver to executives in large enterprises.

Today, the add-in’s creators at Babbage Systems are releasing Reporting Manager for free to everyone.

Some of our favourite features of Reporting Manager:

  • You can configure it to keep data in your spreadsheet, and only update tables when needed with new data if it exists.
  • You can refresh reports and dashboards with one click.
  • You can pull data using your company’s fiscal calendar.
  • You can avoid sampling by splitting requests into multiple pulls from GA that are re-aggregated before the data gets to you

You can sign up for Reporting Manager here.

Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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