Proven online talent being secured by top retailers

by Ben Myers

The role of the Digital Analyst is becoming central to the digital marketing roster in any organization with a growth strategy today. This statement holds true for any and all sorts of companies of all sizes and shapes, but is particularly salient for B2C transactional businesses – eCommerce shops in particular.

Ad-hoc reporting is no longer considered satisfactory. To truly understand the impact of all of the pressure being applied digitally (Traffic generation, email marketing, performance marketing, etc.) businesses require holistic, standardized internal reports that speak to individual initiatives, as well as the cross-discipline impact of each initiative.

I am going to stop my self here, as the Analyst’s workload and responsibilities are not the focus of this post. I wanted to talk a little bit about the status of today’s rock-star hires in eCommerce circles.

Just yesterday, almost every post on the front page of the IR site was about someone’s new gig. Gilt Groupe, Shutterfly, Deckers Outdoor, and Hancock Fabrics all brought top talent into their organizations recently. Even though I know none of these people, each one of these hires inspires me to fist pump in the air.

You see, our industry has matured to a point where hires like these are justified. Gone are the days where you hired someone and hoped they could move the needles – folks are out there who have done it multiple times over. Hire someone today who you know can have an impact.

It’s exciting for us here at Napkyn to work in lockstep with some of our customers. In fact, our work as a trusted virtual employee is creating the exact internal scrutiny described above. Working with digital analysts like Napkyn can help accelerate initiatives, and careers – it’s the way online business is moving, and top retailers are taking notice.

Ben Myers


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