Digital Data Privacy Assessment

Confidence in regulatory compliance for digital data privacy, without a headache.

Protecting Your Business

Adhering to new privacy rules is an increasingly critical step in protecting any web-facing business. When you sign up for Napkyn’s Digital Data Privacy Assessment, digital analytics experts will review your website’s measurement and data collection from a privacy standpoint, and walk you through our findings in a straightforward way, giving you confidence in your site’s regulatory compliance and respect for customer privacy, or the exact steps you must take to achieve both.



Regulation-Specific Reviews

- Our assessment reviews site features against specific provisions within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

- We'll take you through the checklist and provide insights into what you'll need to achieve and maintain compliance with each.


Broad, Robust Evaluation

Our assessment targets several areas, including:

- Consent management and privacy policy

- Tag management and technical implementation practice

- Personally-identifiable information in data & reporting


Know Where You Stand

- Have confidence that you're checking all of the right boxes to satisfy regulators where you do business

- Better understand what you must do to make your customers more comfortable with your use of data, and to protect your business from privacy-related challenges


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