Server-Side GTM

Napkyn's Server-side GTM implementation offers a robust, privacy-safe, first party data collection process to unlock sophisticated, effective, future-proof marketing.

The Challenge

New and upcoming technical and regulatory changes are having dramatic impacts on digital marketing. 

Consumers have increasing expectations for brand interactions. They value personalized experiences while maintaining and increasing their control over their personal data.

The Solution

Server-side GTM provides a durable solution to meet consumer and regulatory expectations while unlocking opportunities to enhance your interactions with your consumers, data quality, and user privacy.


ssGTM visual from SS (smaller 1)

Cutting Edge ssGTM Benefits


Better Data

Through improved tracking tracking, measurement, and data quality.


Better User Privacy

Through the use of robust and privacy-safe data collection.


Durable Collection

That will provide lasting functionality.

Other benefits include:

      • - Low-lift implementation with immediate results
  • - Lasting functionality through 2024 and beyond
    • - Seamless, privacy-safe data analysis, segmentation and activation.
  • - Superior marketer data control and security
  • - Faster load times provide a better consumer experience
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