A GA4 Transition Timeline: Are You Ready?

by Tara Landry

The Clock is Ticking. You have a little over a year until GA4 needs to be your analytics source of truth. UA sunset dates have been announced and Google has been clear no exceptions will be made. At sunset UA will stop processing hits, and your data will become read-only.  Are you going to be ready? 

A GA4 Transition Timeline Adapt This Plan to Your Needs

The Key to a Successful Transition: TIME

Though there is a lot of information out there that positions transitioning to GA4 as an easy, one time event. However, there are two critical factors, when taken into consideration prove that basing your transition on a “implement, use & iterate” model significantly increases both probability of success and value:  should not be viewed as one time event

  1. GA4 is a Whole New Thing

GA4 is a fundamentally different approach to measurement. Your organization needs to take the time to understand those differences and change how it approaches measurement and analytics. In addition, with a whole new approach to measurement and UI there needs to be a persistent investment over a span of time in training all of today and tomorrow’s users of GA. And don’t forget data validation. Whether you are using GA to optimize user experience, conversions, marketing campaigns or all of the above you need to give yourself time to validate the data that GA4 is collecting. 

  1. GA4 is a Work in Progress

You need to be prepared to update your GA4 implementation as new features such aseCommerce & Custom Funnels, Predictive Lifetime Value, Store Visits: Reporting & Conversion Exports, and Custom Channel Groupings to name a few are released. 

Napkyn’s GA4 Transition Services 

Napkyn’s GA4 Transition Services, led by our team of GA4 experts, are designed for your organization to confidently evolve to GA4 as your analytics source of truth. 

Next Steps

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