New & Coming Soon to DV360

by Napkyn

What’s coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks 

Custom Intent Audiences on CTV devices

Custom Intent audiences on Display & Video 360 will soon be available  across connected TV devices (US only). 

With Custom Intent audiences you’ll be able to  go beyond DV360’s predefined In-Market categories and use your own keywords, URLs (websites), and apps to reach specific people as they are making a purchase decision related to your product or service.

For Display campaigns, use Custom Intent (Display, Video) to create a custom intent audience using in-market keywords — simply entering keywords and URLs related to products and services your ideal audience is researching across sites and apps. For Video ads on YouTube, use Custom Intent (YouTube) to create an audience of users who have searched for certain terms on Google.

Increased Coverage of Google Audiences on CTV devices

Expanded coverage of Google’s In-Market & Affinity audiences on connected TV devices will soon be available on DV360 (US only). You’ll be able to access available audiences by filtering to CTV eligibility within Audience targeting. 

Audience Expansion for OTT Line Items

Replacing Targeting Expansion for over-the-top (OTT) line items only. DV 360 is introducing a revolutionary new way for users to reach larger audiences – Connected TV Audience Expansion! Now, you can upload eligible first-party lists and fine tune your OTT line items with the help of checkboxes and sliders. Get ready to make waves in audience engagement like never before.

Instant Deals for Google Ad Manager

Get ready to take your online ad management into the future. Google Ad Manager is launching Instant Deals – a tool that helps you customize and curate inventory for better-targeted ads. Plus, with access to exchange forecasting data, this automated negotiation process can help optimize the details of your deals in real time – no manual work needed.

Ads Creative Studio Customizable Video Export to Campaign Manager 360

Ads Creative Studio users will now be able to export customizable video projects to Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) to run on their CM360-served video buys across third party publishers, including on CTV inventory. Users can build out their video variants by swapping video, audio, images, and text and assigning the variants to targeting rules based on key signals like geo and language. CM360 customers with a linked DV360 account will also be able to push these customized video ads to DV360 to run on their non-YouTube video campaigns.

Learning How to Utilize & Optimize DV360

If you need assistance with DV360, please reach out to the experts at Napkyn. We understand this platform’s capabilities and can tailor your DV360 campaigns to align with your brand’s marketing needs.


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