Sales Development Representative

Job Description


Location: Remote – Ottawa 

Position: Full time 


Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics consultancy that works with some of the top brands on the web to collect, integrate and analyze data to support executives making critical business decisions. We are the secret weapon that enables the data-driven executive and enterprise. The work we do for our customers translates into decisions that result in more intended business outcomes and value. 

As an 11-year-old company we have grown – three consecutive years on the Profit 500 – through retention and referrals from delivering consistently great work, and a deep strategic partnership as a global Premier Google Marketing Platform Solution Partner. Our industry reputation and visibility are much greater than you would expect from a team of 20. 

Napkyn is embarking on the next stage of growth. Combining our expertise, reputation and increasing market need for data analytics to expand the team and services we offer. To support this next stage of growth we are making an investment in our Customer & Partner Success team to facilitate our intended growth outcomes. 

The Role 

We’re looking for a Sales Development Representative to support Napkyn’s growth through inbound and outbound lead generation, qualification and nurturing. The ideal candidate will be someone who is early in their sales career, has a fearless attitude and the drive to take initiative. The job will be a mix of proven sales development tactics and quickly trying and iterating on new ways to generate and nurture leads. No two days are the same and that requires a high degree of adaptability and comfort with ambiguity. 

The Details

  • Follow up and nurture inbound and outbound leads until they are ready to be handed off  
  • Generate outbound leads through cold calling, LinkedIn, email, other 
  • Partner with the marketing team to integrate outbound activities into marketing campaigns targeted at specific verticals, companies and roles 
  • Research inbound leads and outbound prospects 
  • Craft messaging and emails with “call to action” to drive prospects to our website and other content
  • Schedule and run initial discovery and qualification calls with prospective customers
  • Keep CRM and other vital systems up to date 
  • Provide ongoing feedback 

How Your Performance Will be Measured 

  • Quantitative: Quota attainment, lead conversion rate, outbound lead generation quota, revenue generated from your leads 
  • Qualitative: quality of leads handed off to account executives, completeness of CRM record keeping

Attributes of the Sales Development Representative

  • Experience: prefer 1+ year of experience, but not mandatory 
  • Autonomous: you can work without someone looking over your shoulder. 
  • Accountable: once you commit to getting something done you get it done.  
  • Tenacious: you understand any sales role comes with a lot of barriers and rejection and are prepared to keep going until you get a definitive win or loss. 
  • Creative: you will be comfortable trying unconventional ideas and come up with unique ways for generating and nurturing leads. 
  • Asks Why: you question the status quo and you don’t  accept “that is the way it has always been done” as a good enough answer.
  • Organized: you keep immaculate records of who you have contacted, what was discussed, next steps and any other information needed so that you can stay on top of everything. 

What’s Attractive to the Right Candidate 

  • Napkyn has an Executive and Revenue team with 75+ years of sales experience 
  • Napkyn has a history and commitment to delivering consistently great work to and for our customers.
  • Napkyn will continue to grow with the same bootstrapping smarts that allowed us to become a well-respected company in our industry serving the top digital brands.
  • Napkyn is financially stable, offers competitive benefits and walks the walk of work-life balance.