Introducing Analysis Engine, Enterprise Middleware for Google Analytics

by Jim Cain

It’s a pretty exciting day in Napkyn history, as we are formally launching a separate spin off company called Babbage Systems.  As of today, Babbage is now open for business around the sale of its flagship product, Analysis Engine. Rather than write up a super-formal press-release-style blog, I thought I would list a few of the standard questions we’ve been asked over the last few weeks by our customers, friends, colleagues and competitors.

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished with the Analysis Engine, and we can’t wait to start sharing it with you.

Q: So what’s an Analysis Engine?

Great question!  In a nutshell, Analysis Engine is a cloud-based middleware platform for enterprises using Google Analytics.

Q: Huh?

Sorry about that, darned elevator pitches.  Here’s the plain-English version:  Google Analytics is the best web analytics tool in the world for a number of reasons, especially in being easy to set up, easy to use and very accurate, and in having a world-class database. Big companies don’t tend to use Google Analytics, though, because it doesn’t integrate easily into their existing IT workflows, datamarts and Microsoft Excel. Analysis Engine sits between Google Analytics and a big company and allows them to take advantage of all of the best parts of GA, and also have all the additional features they need to win.

Q: So you turn Google Analytics into Enterprise software. Got it.  When will you be planning on building other tools into the Analysis Engine?

Never.  There are so many companies using Google Analytics, and so many things we can do to make GA more powerful that we are focusing on it exclusively.

Q: So why did you build this thing?  Aren’t you busy enough?

To be honest we built it because we were so busy.  While we work with all web analytics tools, Napkyn has several very large Analyst Program customers who have Google Analytics as their measurement tool of record.  For these customers, we kept bumping into the same problems.  The Excel dashboards were very hard to refresh easily, getting IT department buy-in for implementation work is difficult, and getting cost data set up and uploaded is a chore. We love Google Analytics, but all the manual work around making work for big business was killing us.

So we fixed it, and in doing so realized that we could help other companies win with GA as well.

Q: Do I have to be a GA Premium customer to use Analysis Engine?

Nope.  In fact by using the Analysis Engine you can remove sampling from much of your reporting.  That said, a Google Analytics Premium customer is a prime candidate for a firm that will get maximum value from the Analysis Engine, and we have auto-detection of Premium and a full integration into the Premium unsampled reporting API.

Q:  Why start a separate company?

Two reasons: Napkyn is a fast growing services business and trying to have a separate software offering wouldn’t be the best thing for our customers.  The other reason is that this product is very valuable for agencies that do consulting on analytics (we have a reseller program and an upcoming agency program).  In order to be as respectful as possible to our partners, we wanted to have a clear separation of Napkyn from the new product.

Q: Analysis Engine sounds great.  Where can I buy one?

Sign up for Analysis Engine to get started.

Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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