The global embrace of data is creating major stress in businesses. Despite over a decade of using phrases like ‘data-driven’, ‘big data’, ‘data science’ ad nauseum, there really hasn’t been as much progress on running with numbers as most businesses would like. Since the dawn of digital analytics (aka the ‘late 90s’), there has been […]

We’re thrilled to announce that our AdTech Privacy Webinar, “What You Need to Know to Continue to Measure Success in a Cookie-less World” now includes a Fireside Chat with Google’s Sharen Phillips, Head of US Channel Sales Partners, and Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain. They’ll discuss some of the most important aspects of this broad topic […]

With everything that has been happening in the World – with Covid especially – more and more people are using apps and online options to do their purchases. Groceries, construction materials, general stuff for the house, and more. As per Business Of Apps, when the iOS App Store launched in 2008, they had 500 apps. […]

So today’s ‘morning-ism’ is ‘Hiding in the Crowd.’ I’ve seen this concept in a few articles lately. Although it seemed familiar, when I Googled it, I found this Spiderman reference, which seemed like a good illustration of the whole point of the new privacy changes being implemented by the browsers. (Yes, I can nerdier up an […]

I hear this question a lot, “I have GA (or Adobe or IBM), why do I need GA4?” The simple answer is that GA4 sort of turns analytics on its head – it easily captures data and houses it in a safe private place. It casts magic ‘spells’ upon it.  But what does that mean? […]

And the Impact to Digital Advertising The third in our AdTech Privacy series, this eGuide describes the existing and upcoming web privacy changes and regulations surrounding the use of cookies. (Cookies are small text files that are set by websites that store visitors’ preferences and activity.) By limiting, blocking cookies, or even, at a minimum, […]

Why?  Why does Google Analytics give us so many choices when it comes to attribution reporting? The answer should be obvious.  Death Match 2021.  If you are an owner of a channel and responsible for its performance, you need a good defense.  And your best defense, other than a big offense, is your attribution model.  […]

As promised in our last post, 8 Key Differences between GA360 and GA4 we’re (Ricardo and Rob) back to talk about Events and Parameters in GA4. So far we mentioned a couple of times the new Data-Model (event-based) and how that is different compared to Universal Analytics (Session-based). Here, we’re going to dive deeper to […]