The process of attracting a potential client and closing a sale generally takes a variety of people, each with a unique contribution to the sales process. If you think of your digital marketing channels like a sales team, currently, most reporting provides all the accolades to the team member that happens to be present when […]

Google yesterday announced the upcoming launch of its Google Marketing Platform, which will integrate the digital marketing power of the DoubleClick stack with the Google Analytics 360 Suite of products. In order to help our clients and community navigate this new technology, we’re excited to share that we have partnered up with the Google Go-to-Market […]

Napkyn Analytics is very proud to share that we have successfully earned DoubleClick Campaign Manager Individual Certifications (DCM IC) across all of our department teams. While we have been helping our clients measure marketing performance for years, these certifications mark an important milestone in our agency’s development. One that will ensure we continue to provide […]

When we speak with our clients about Google’s enterprise testing and personalization platform Optimize 360, the key benefits we highlight are its ability to test and target against existing custom audiences through a native integration with Google Analytics, as well as against any data point that exists in your data layer – that critical component […]

If you’re someone making decisions about digital marketing, chances are you work with a number of different solution providers who were each hired in pursuit of the same fundamental goal — to help you improve your company’s digital performance.  Chances are also pretty good that each of these hard-working vendors provides performance reporting as part […]

Deploying Google Analytics (Via Tag Manager) In An Angular Application

by Colin Temple

Single-page applications often pose a challenge for the deployment of a web analytics tool: if there’s only ever one ‘real’ page loaded, how do you track the views of multiple screens within it? Fortunately, Google Tag Manager has a nice feature that makes this very easy. This post will outline how to use that feature […]

We’re really getting into the meat of the content now with our fifth post in Napkyn’s Attribution Blog Series. If you haven’t subscribed already subscribe to receive updates on this series here or through the banner at the top of this post. In this installment I will help you assess if your organization is prepared […]