This is a continuation of last week’s post Flashback: Data Analytics Infrastructure: 1995-2015 Big changes started happening several years ago when Apple started making significant changes to their Safari browser to deprecate certain types of third-party and first party cookies. Now Google has said, in 2023 their browsers will also move towards a cookieless world.  […]

Third-party cookies have been a hot topic for the past two years, mainly because they’re being eliminated from the scene after playing a tremendous role in digital marketing for years.  Before that, several controversies surrounding a small text file made it to the news, but nothing shook up marketers as much as the announcement of […]

Part 1 of a series based on my talk at the 2022 Marketing Analyics Summit. Watch the video or read the transcript below. Transcript Let us go back to 1995. Will Smith is still cool, e-commerce is a thing, albeit a brand new thing, and larger businesses are starting to buy, and invest into their […]

Ever since Google announced that it’d be joining the list of browsers ditching third-party cookies, there have been various speculations and misunderstandings in the digital marketing space.  And why wouldn’t there be?  Cookie deprecation is a HUGE change for advertisers who rely on third-party data to inform their decisions about the target market and create […]

Stretching the capabilities of Google Analytics, GA4 has introduced analysts and digital marketers to a whole new realm of reporting and actionability.  One feature that has played a key role in this regard is the Segment Overlap Report.  This article will discuss in detail what this report is, how it benefits marketers, and how it […]

This on-demand webinar is a reprise of a talk Napkyn Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Jim Cain gave at the 2022 Marketing Analytics Summit. Changes in digital marketing are no longer periodic, they’re cyclical.  Development of infrastructure excellence in four critical areas creates competitive advantages and ensures your business is future-proof in the way data […]

After working the world of attribution into a frenzy with the GA4 news, Google continues to introduce new features ahead of the looming transition.   For digital marketers and analysts, the initial episode of disappointment triggered by the demise of UA has converted into bouts of curiosity and excitement with regular system updates. Some of the […]

A monthly update filled with the latest GA4 news and updates data-driven organizations need to be aware of. GA4 Word on the Street The Sweet Spot: Use GA4’s Segment Overlap Report to compare how up to 3 user segments overlap and relate to each other. This analysis technique visualizes the relationship between multiple segments of users […]

The sky’s the limit when digital marketers have valuable data at their disposal.  This is why advanced tools like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) separate winners from losers in the data-driven analytics world.   But how do you ensure you’ve set it up perfectly to take full advantage of all its features? Get ready to track web […]

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has piqued users’ interest by announcing the availability of Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) for ALL customers. Yes. You heard that right! Unlike Universal Analytics, which provided DDA access to GA360 customers, GA4 invites all digital marketers to bring their A-game to the world of advertising. Let’s dive right in to understand what […]