Feb 22 at 1:00 PM  REGISTER NOW Overview A must attend for anyone who wants to kick start their first-party data strategy.  The changes to data usage and regulations in the marketplace have triggered marketers and organizations to think differently about the data they use and how they drive actions and insights.  First-Party data is […]

This month’s spotlight: First-Party Data All marketers know we live in a privacy first world and that third-party cookies are on the way out. This will continue to dramatically change how marketers need to think about, and act on collecting and leveraging data to understand and better serve their audience.  Organizations winning with first-part data already have it in […]

When working with Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation, we often bump into companies that have limited developer access and don’t have time to implement a Data Layer for a number of reasons –  limited time to work on the website, third-party teams, etc., or they have a  Data Layer, but it is not properly implemented. […]

As regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and the increase in customer sentiment usher in a new era of data privacy, third-party data is quickly becoming antiquated. Browsers are already restricting third-party cookies to protect user information and in the future they’ll be banned altogether.  To remain compliant and create meaningful connections with consumers at scale […]

At this point no one should be surprised to hear that third-party cookies are on the way out, and digital privacy is firmly in charge. This begs the inevitable question: How will organizations change how they track user data & capture data to maximize their investments? The answer lies with first-party data. Organizations that are […]

As data analytics become more important for businesses and organizations, it is essential to have a strong foundation in place to ensure your analytics are both compliant with current regulations, and able to grow alongside your business’s goals.  But there’s a third quality essential to a strong foundation – one that’s often overlooked – and […]

Last December, Google rebranded “Google Data Studio” to “Looker Studio” after acquiring Looker earlier in February 2021. Looker and Looker Studio are both Google tools with a lot in common. They are both strong BI solutions that provide data analytics, integration, and visualization to assist enterprises in overcoming business challenges.  Let’s start by taking a […]

Last month Google added a new Landing Page Report to GA4, allowing you to easily analyze the impact of your website’s initial pages on user experience, conversions and revenue.  The Landing Page Report reveals how visitors engage with each first-impression webpage – measuring average engagement time per session, number of new users, views attained, as […]

Google has released a new audience migration tool for GA4 – the GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics. A Google Sheets add-on that allows you to recreate Universal Analytics audiences in your Google Analytics 4 property.  Easily recreate existing dimensions or metrics that align with both properties, or customize by editing matching audience conditions included within […]

To date myself a little, I vividly recall reading the blog post from Avinash Kaushik called “The 10/90 Rule for Magnificent Web Analytics success”.  This was in the earlier days of digital analytics, when it was still called ‘web analytics’, and a small group of prominent bloggers and the nascent Web Analytics Association were starting […]