Sentinel pages, part deux

by Jim Cain

So let’s think about ways to apply the concept of the ‘Sentinel page’ to your business. First, think about the biggest group of mostly irrelevant traffic you have. By this I mean a segment of visitors that either cannot or most likely will not convert, either because it is not possible or because your site […]

Use ‘Sentinel’ pages to separate wheat from chaff

by Jim Cain

I have never had a client call where I didn’t learn something new and interesting. As the digital analyst, we end up in an interesting intersection in a client’s staff and vendor ecosystem where we get to see and talk about everything that happens online. We are monitoring the effects of detailed traffic generation initiatives, […]

Notice anything different?

by Ben Myers

A lot of changes and progress have occurred at Napykn over the past few months. The biggest change? Me. I’m Ben. Happy to be on board as the new digital analyst (and blogging enthusiast). But that’s not all. We’ve re-vamped the blog, as you can see. And along with this spiffy new template, we’re re-committing […]

Magnifying Glasses, Microscopes and Web Analytics

by Jim Cain

We have been talking to and working with a lot of companies this year for web analytics, and an interesting trend has been emerging with the executives that we are dealing with. Most digital decision makers we talk to either want to have Napkyn deliver ‘magnifying glass’ focused consulting on a few critical business metrics […]

Analytics use in the Internet Retailer 500: Interesting Findings

by Jim Cain

Like any fast growth company, we use cold calling at Napkyn as a way to start off long term relationships (and sometimes get hung up on). We take pains to follow the number one rule of cold calling: Never waste anyone’s time. The best way to follow this golden rule is to do some homework […]

Napkyn Featured in Internet Retailer

by Jim Cain

It has been a crazy few months of growth, and today Napkyn was written up by Internet Retailer, the leader in eCommerce news. One of our clients, (number 384 on the IR500) was featured in a story where they discussed the revenue impact that ongoing analysis has for an eCommerce business. Howard Wyner, CEO […]

Segmentation and Conversion: Closer to the Heart

by Jim Cain

In a previous post I referenced the importance of considering only ‘convertable’ traffic when looking at a goal conversion rate, i.e. only look at US visitor data if you don’t ship or service outside the US. The reason that you always look at conversion when analyzing web data is because it allows you to always […]

The best things in life are free … kinda.

by Jim Cain

One of the most interesting things about working at Napkyn is that every discussion with a prospect or new customer is a fascinating one. The reason is that every serious owner of a web presence, whether is it a store, lead gen site, non-profit, or even blog is running analytics. Because these analytics tools are […]

Why bounce rates are important … and not important.

by Jim Cain

There’s nothing like a solidly contrary title to start off a web marketing blog. One of the most fascinating and frustrating things about web analysis is that every metric is relevant in certain contexts, and irrelevant in others. Depending on your business and the segment of traffic we are examining, metrics like time on site, […]

Your True Conversion Rate: A better way to look at goal conversion

by Jim Cain

If you ran a telemarketing company booking attendees for a conference, would your success rate depend on the people on your list, or every person in the world with a phone? If you were a car dealership, would your close rate be based on people who came into the dealership, or everyone in town with […]