Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist

Job Description

Location: Napkyn Analytics Headquarters, Ottawa, Ontario
Position: Full time

The Role

Napkyn Analytics is one of the largest dedicated digital analytics consultancies in North America. We work with marketing, development, and finance executives at some of the most prominent brands on the web to help them strategically implement digital analytics and report on digital performance against C-level business objectives.

As an Analytics Implementation Specialist, you understand a client’s business and marketing requirements for digital measurement. You help development teams implement enterprise-wide digital analytics and tag management solutions against strategic objectives. Day-to-day, this involves consulting development departments and senior executive stakeholders, guiding them through implementation recommendations, performing exacting quality assurance on implementations, and providing training and ongoing services for their long term success.

You are a developer by experience, but you understand the results that an enterprise business is looking to achieve to measure and report on digital performance. This means you welcome collaboration with Digital Analyst, Account Management, and Project Management teams to deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers. As a member of the Implementation Team, you engage in continuous professional development to evolve your craft, with the direct support and guidance of your Analytics Implementation Team Lead.

The Details


Lead the charge on deploying world-class implementations of web measurement tools:

  • Deploy web measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Develop the implementation guides for analytics tool deployment
  • Provide support on analytics and implementation for Napkyn analysts with root-cause analysis of issues and interruptions in measurement for our clients
  • Provide recommendations on adoption of new tools and features as appropriate to client needs
  • Serve as a knowledge resource for the latest trends and technologies within the web analytics space
  • Assist in improving the usability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of our clients’ web analytics tooling deployments
  • Assist in evaluating the size and scope of customer problems as well as helping to determine a successful resolution

Perform site-wide audits of existing analytics implementations:

  • Lead the team with site-wide audits of existing analytics implementations against web measurement best practices and create implementation recommendations for improvement
  • Develop client-specific web measurement best practices and on-site technology requirements to generate high quality, easily-understood implementation guides for on-site deployments of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Interact directly with Digital Analyst, Project Management, Client Management and development personnel to ensure smooth implementation of recommendations
  • Engage business and technical team stakeholders for feedback and validation

Serve as an analytics tool evangelist:

  • Collaborate with the Service Delivery and Leadership teams to actively assist in improving the usability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of our clients’ web analytics tool deployments
  • Actively focus on the future-proofing, scalability, and ease-of-maintenance of analytics solutions
  • Provide recommendations on adoption of new tools and features as appropriate to the client’s needs
  • Work closely with the Digital Analyst Team to address the root cause of any identified measurement issues

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Familiar with web analytics in general
  • Familiar with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics in particular
  • Proficient in front-end development technologies and mobile application frameworks
  • Capable in vanilla JavaScript and familiar with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery
  • Experience building or maintaining websites

Preferred Skills

  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills with an attention to detail
  • Strong written and oral communication skill
  • Team player, supportive of a collaborative team environment and culture