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Google Analytics 4

A completely NEW way to do Marketing Analytics

For the first time you can see (and measure) the full journey your customers take as they interact with your brand. From phone to laptop, app to website, and everywhere in between  – resulting in considerable reduction in ad spend and more complete data. GA4’s machine learning core unlocks predictive marketing features – which visitors are most likely to purchase in the next week, which are probably not coming back –  giving marketers not only more information, but more efficient ways to act on that information to increase ROI. 

Key Benefits:

Customer Centric Measurement: Focuses on & automatically tracks actions a customer takes across devices and platforms.

Machine Learning: Smarter insights improve marketing decisions and better ROI. 

Privacy First: Easier to comply with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Adapts to a Changing Environment: Responsible, durable measurement enables business outcomes for the long-term, with or without cookies.

Enhanced Reporting: New engagement and user acquisition reports to visualize your customer’s journey. 

Why Dual Deploy GA4 with Existing Analytics

No Added Cost:  There is no added cost to your existing license

New Feature Capitalization:  Access to raw data, automated insights, enhanced measurement, new reporting

Parallel Data Collection: Keeping you ahead of the curve & providing invaluable historical data.

Cookieless World Ready: You’ll be better set up to compete in a cookieless world

Time to Excel: Gives you and your team time to learn the intricacies of this new tool and its features as they are released.

Improves existing GA: Planning and work required for GA4 also improves your existing GA – cleans up tracking, tag inventory, proper goals, improved measurement strategy

Google and Napkyn’s Recommendation

Neither Google or Napkyn is recommending a full transition to GA4 at this time.  Instead we advocate that companies create a new GA4 property alongside their existing property (often referred to as dual deploying or dual tagging), in order to:

  • Start gathering data so that when the full migration occurs you have a historical runway of data.
  • Start utilizing new features to improve customer experiences and marketing campaign outcomes.
  • Take your time and do things correctly.

Adobe Analytics and GA4

Running Google Analytics in parallel to Adobe’s suite of marketing and development tools enables brands to leverage the native integrations of the Google marketing Platform and Google Cloud resources such as BigQuery and Ads Data Hub and capabilities for advanced advertising measurement and activation.

Our GA4 Services

Whether you are currently running GA/GA360, a non-google analytics platform such as Adobe, or don’t have an analytics tool of record, and, no matter where you are in your Google Analytics 4 journey –  just starting out, have completed some work and have hit a roadblock, or aren’t even sure if GA4 is right for your business at this time, we have a service that can help:

GA4 Readiness Assessment: Evaluate GA4  & align business requirements.

Current Measurement State Evaluation: Ensure your reporting suite follows best practice and have utmost confidence in your data.

GA4 Migration Plan: Ensure you have a clear set of instructions on our to translate your current measurement framework and configure GA4.

GA4 Deployment: Establish a parallel reporting structure with GA4 and your current measurement framework resulting in a dual deploy.

Google Analytics Roadmap: Evaluate proceeding with a deployment of Google Analytics including GA4 at this time.

Other Categories of Projects Offered:

Projects to Leverage the Full Capabilities of GA4: Funnel Analysis, Path Analysis,  LTV Analysis.

Data Streams, Dashboards & Reports: Blending Data Sources (across all measurements tools), Updating Dashboards & Reports, LTV Analysis.

Advanced Analytics Projects: Audience Strategy & Development, UX Measurement & Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Basket Analysis. 

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