Before I begin, I’d like to credit Danial Nakhaeinia as co-author of this post, he’s who I mean when I reference my favourite data scientest about the mid-way point. So, anyone who knows me, knows I have been ensconced in the attribution world for over a decade. Taking a step back – Attribution, we’ll keep […]

Heuristics. That’s a good word – a practical way of solving a problem that produces a, potentially not optimal, solution but is good enough based on constraints. The reason I love this word is because, back in the day (pre-machine learning), that (Advanced Heuristics) was a setting option that web analytics software ClickTracks, had and […]

Napkyn Analytics to participate in MADS 2021, as a Bronze Sponsor Napkyn Analytics, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform, today announced it is a Bronze sponsor of Informa’s Marketing Analytics and Data Analytics 2021 conference. MADS gathering of thought leaders, industry experts and partners in […]

Did you miss the MADS “Ask the Experts” pre-conference webinar that aired live on August 18th? On August 18, Napkyn CEO and Founder Jim Cain took part in this pre-conference webinar for the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference 2021 taking place in Florida in October. This was a chance to hear hand-picked Marketing Analytics […]

Napkyn Analytics Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cain, to present at MADS 2021, October 25th, 2021. Napkyn Analytics, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform today announced that Napkyn’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cain, will be speaking at Marketing Analytics and Data Science 2021 on October 25th, […]

Napkyn has two complimentary webinars this week, please join us for one, or both! Space is limited so please register today. Marketing Analytics and Data Science: Ask the Experts Wednesday, August 18th, 2:00 PM EST Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain will be participating in the Marketing Analytics and Data Science (MADS) 2021, pre-conference “Ask the Experts” webinar on […]

Napkyn CEO and Founder, Jim Cain to participate in MADS 2021 “Ask the Experts” Webinar on August 18th, at 2:00 PM Are you eager to connect with experts on the cutting edge of marketing analytics and data science trends, technologies, and best practices? Then join us on Wednesday, August 18, 11 AM PST/2 PM EST, […]

In my previous posts on Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export, I outlined the basics of the Google Analytics 360-BigQuery integration, and some introductory lessons on how to query the data once you have it. Now, it’s time to get a little more sophisticated. In that first post, I mentioned that Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export […]

In a previous post, I covered the basics of setting up the Google Analytics 360 BigQuery Export, and covered some details about the schema that export provides. In this post, I want to start digging in to the fun part: querying the Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery. Now, this post requires a very basic […]