With everything happening currently in the world – COVID19, isolation, etc., it’s not uncommon that a lot of website owners are noticing an increase in traffic. People already spent a lot of time online, but now, more and more users are replacing store visits with button clicks. For businesses, this is great news and if […]

While we don’t deliberately create these lists, every year over the holidays we have the time and space at the office to talk shop, what our big wins were for the year, what we could have done better, and what we’d like to do next.  Inevitably, we start talking about ‘things we wish were happening’. […]

How To Use The Google Tag Manager API

by Adam Hill

Using the Google Tag Manager (GTM) API can be a frustrating exercise. Client libraries in particular have limited documentation to learn from and even fewer concrete examples. In this post, I’ll explain the PHP client library (available here) and how to use it for some common auditing operations. Getting Started Setup Setting up the GTM […]

Recently a number of our partners have begun porting their content to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –  a Google-led open source project that facilitates super-fast-loading mobile content. AMP enforces strict limitations on developers and content to ensure code is optimized for speed. Part of this optimization is the requirement to use lighter versions of Google […]

Over the past few months, Napkyn has helped clients get up-and-running with Google’s new A/B testing tool Optimize 360. In our experience so far, it is a pretty great tool for targeting and optimizing experiments primarily because it features an intuitive interface and plays well with other tools within the marketing suite. Optimize 360 can be […]

Updated by Rob English, Analytics Implementation Specialist (June 26, 2019) Since this post was originally published, our internal process and recommendation on how to set the Tracking ID and other GA tag parameters has changed.  We now recommend using the Google Analytics Settings Variable. As originally documented, in order to set the Tracking ID for […]