Rob English

Analytics Implementation Specialist

Analytics Implementation Specialist proficient in the use of Javascript and tag management platforms such as Google Tag Manager and TealiumIQ to build out custom tagging/tracking solutions. Google Analytics certified. Experienced in front end design and development.

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How to deploy your GA4 tags, using your Universal Analytics dataLayer schema It’s been a busy few weeks for Google products!  With the launch of Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager’s new preview functionality, there’s been a lot of exciting things happening. While this isn’t a new feature to the GA4 release (it’s been […]

App + Web Ecommerce Tracking Part 1: Pre-Checkout Eventing

by Rob English

My attempt at deploying my App + Web Ecommerce tags using the Universal Analytics dataLayer Earlier this year, Google gave us our first look at the new dataLayer schema for Ecommerce handling, in App + Web.  When first launched, after reading the documentation, there was something that stood out as a little concerning for me.   […]