Kristina Homenuck

Intermediate Analyst

Kristina is a web analyst who is passionate about actionable data. As part of the Napkyn Analytics team, she shares her extensive GA360 experience and enthusiasm for analytics with the clients.

Posts by Kristina Homenuck

What is gross margin? Gross Margin = (Total Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold)/Total Revenue). To improve gross margin, you can increase total revenue or decrease the cost of goods sold. Google Analytics data can easily help with insights on how to increase revenue. How can Google Analytics help you to increase your company’s revenue? […]

‘Optional metrics’ and ‘Drill Down’ features We all see very busy dashboards with multiple tables and dimensions that are hard to comprehend or take any action based on the data you see. I am guilty of building these dashboards myself. You want to show as much valuable data as possible, and the monster is growing. […]

What is this new feature about? How many default reports in Google Analytics does your team use on a regular basis? I bet not too many, and those they do use need adjustments to be useful? Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer anymore! Google has rolled out a new feature in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) […]

I hear this question a lot, “I have GA (or Adobe or IBM), why do I need GA4?” The simple answer is that GA4 sort of turns analytics on its head – it easily captures data and houses it in a safe private place. It casts magic ‘spells’ upon it.  But what does that mean? […]

A new data model in GA4 brings exciting capabilities that businesses who use Google Analytics to analyse their site and marketing performance need to embrace. With it comes new questions you can ask, and easily get answers to in GA4, without additional implementation or configurations that will help your business grow: How much valuable traffic […]