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I’ve spent over 18 years helping clients use analytics to improve the performance of their websites , SEO, paid search and other marketing programs, with a brief detour to the FinTech worlds to see how alternative payment options impact the very, very bottom of the funnel.

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Heuristics. That’s a good word – a practical way of solving a problem that produces a, potentially not optimal, solution but is good enough based on constraints. The reason I love this word is because, back in the day (pre-machine learning), that (Advanced Heuristics) was a setting option that web analytics software ClickTracks, had and […]

So, let’s not go back to the beginning of (PPC) time – but it is quite fascinating, in case you want a little trip down Wikipedia memory lane –!_Native Hindsight being 20/20, you have to have known that automation/AI/ML was always going to be the way of paid search – especially for Google. Think […]

You hear a lot of mixed reviews about GA4 these days.  But one of my favorite things about GA4 is it gives you the opportunity and ability to turn your old thinking on its head. With GA4, you no longer focus on (outdated) things like page views and sessions. Now, everything is more interaction (event) […]

I’ve been feeling a little reminiscent lately, so I thought I’d dust off a post I wrote a year ago. I hope you enjoy it! A (fairly) new ‘The Ad Platform: eMarketer Podcast’ tackled the question’Why the Buy Side Wants Log-Level Data.’ So, I ask you the question, ‘Why would the buy side NOT want log-level […]

What are two things that are never going away, Alex?  (Well, not any time soon anyway). Note:  Believe it or not, I do actually research (some of) these posts.  That said, some of the ‘facts’ and times are directionally accurate – but may not be precise.  So haters, don’t be fact-checkers. I remember shortly after […]

So, I wrote this over a decade (back when I used to THOROUGHLY research my posts. So much has changed (adios Flash!), but so much has stayed the same! Update 10/8/2010 – Imagine what this will mean if the Microsoft acquisition is real. There’s been no shortage of speculation about the true motive behind Adobe’s […]

One thing leads to another… Sure, a catchy 80’s song, but how does it relate to analytics? There are many, many ways. But probably the most relevant, recent example is the evolution of counting hits to counting events. A bit of (boring) history. Back in the day when web analytics were based on analyzing web […]

Often when you hear or read about the evolution of something, it’s framed as a journey (although one company I worked for had an incredibly inappropriate ‘evolution’ slide that lacked any political correctness, and was presented boldly and proudly in sales meetings). Anyhow, back to the journey. Evolution is presented as this scenic journey down […]

So today’s ‘morning-ism’ is ‘Hiding in the Crowd.’ I’ve seen this concept in a few articles lately. Although it seemed familiar, when I Googled it, I found this Spiderman reference, which seemed like a good illustration of the whole point of the new privacy changes being implemented by the browsers. (Yes, I can nerdier up an […]

Why?  Why does Google Analytics give us so many choices when it comes to attribution reporting? The answer should be obvious.  Death Match 2021.  If you are an owner of a channel and responsible for its performance, you need a good defense.  And your best defense, other than a big offense, is your attribution model.  […]