The Analyst

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Napkyn Analytics’ Flagship Service.
Monthly fixed-fee program.

The Analyst Program was designed to give enterprise marketing and technology leaders everything they need to use data to succeed.

Benefit from our full team of diverse, strategic, and experienced analyst and analytics professionals and immediately start planning and executing a successful measurement program for your business by overcoming barriers that most data-driven executives experience on their road to success, including:

Finding and keeping the right talent: Data professionals worth their salt are in high demand and difficult and expensive to recruit and retain. The Analyst Program lets you instantly capitalize on our full team’s collective expertise and knowledge of working with sophisticated data-driven companies like yours. Beyond the team itself, you can also tap into our high profile partner networks to be on the cutting edge of industry advancements and connect with the people leading change.

Achieving organizational trust in your data: Napkyn Analytics is the nonfiction storyteller of your business success. With the Analyst Program you get the dedicated attention of a technology and data analyst team that’s committed to increasing your visibility into company performance through the delivery of high quality data. From the strategic implementation of analytics technology to data reporting and visualization, training, and consultation we empower executives and their teams to make intelligent decisions for their businesses.

Navigating the politics to carry out big initiatives: You have big audacious goals to dramatically evolve the state of measurement at your organization, but it’s challenging to win the support of other departments to bring that vision to reality. The Analyst Program provides you with specialists of every discipline who can speak the language and support the needs of Marketing, IT, and Finance departments so you can achieve the alignment and buy in you need to create big change.

Getting the critical information you need, when you need it most: We work in a real time world where the ability to respond to change with agility, intelligence, and precision can mean the difference between success and failure. With the Analyst Program, your measurement environment is under constant surveillance. We catch mistakes that could be losing you money, and find gems of revenue opportunity that might otherwise be overlooked. Need to know now? Contact your dedicated team and receive immediate support.

Strategic, long term, flexible, on-demand, and a fixed monthly price to suit your budgeting needs, see how the Analyst Program can be the secret department you need to succeed at your organization.