Track Google +1 Buttons with Google Analytics

by Colin Temple

In a move reminiscent of Facebook’s option to put Like buttons out on the web, Google yesterday opened up its +1 website voting to web pages. This social feature, which already allowed you to share results on search engine pages, lets your website users directly “+1” content from your site’s pages. It’s Google’s answer to […]

Mobile Commerce Hype and the Importance of Data

by Erik L'Abbe

As more and more websites develop mobile platforms, an analyst can’t help but wonder about the rationale behind the initiative. Does a mobile site just seem like the way to go, or does the data sing improved conversion rates? The advantages of mobile platforms should not be ignored. The ability to simplify user engagement while […]

Making Sense of SEO

by Ryan Burke

Confessions of a Greenhorn Web Analyst The very idea of search engine optimization (SEO) instantly conjures feelings of both dread and excitement. For many small to mid-level companies, beginning the SEO process is a lot like sailing out into uncharted waters: you’re sure to discover something new for better or worse. The simple fact is […]

Salesforce and Radian6: Social media measurement is now relevant

by Jim Cain

Last week Radian6, considered by most to be the gold standard in social media measurement, was acquired by for 330 million dollars.  While it is a little bittersweet to see another great Canadian tech company absorbed into a larger American one, I congratulate the team at Radian6 for their huge success.  They have certainly […]

The website re-launch checklist

by Colin Temple

First, a quick introduction: I’m Colin, an analyst here at Napkyn. I’ve been working at Napkyn for several months now, mainly with some of our Omniture-powered enterprise clients, but this is my first time contributing to the blog. We’re well into 2011 and coming up to the end of the fiscal year for many businesses. […]

The double-edged sword of coupons in ecommerce

by Jim Cain

I am spending the afternoon in the office catching up while my boys continue to sort through the metric ton of stuff they got under the tree, and I had a thought worth sharing. Groupon and other similar sites are showing offline retail what online retail has known for years – coupons still work. Online […]

A Canadian’s guide to Cyber Monday

by Ben Myers

You can’t blame Canadians for not ‘getting’ Cyber Monday – the #2 online shopping day of the year in the United States. After all, we don’t really ‘get’ Black Friday – the #1 in-store shopping day of the year. So why is Canada generally uninvolved in the shopping orgy that revolves around these two days? […]

Screen resolution can impact conversion

by Ben Myers

I got to look at some heatmap data recently and it got me thinking about how we lead visitors around websites. Large ecommerce stores that have many product categories and thousands of pages really need to make sure that visitors can find what they’re looking for on their screens. This sort of thing can have […]

Digital Marketing Maturity: Time to take a look in the mirror

by Jim Cain

One of the core components of the Analyst Program is working with clients over time to help increase both the actual and perceived value of web analysis in the organization. From our very first report, we get great feedback from our direct stakeholder (i.e. virtual boss) on how much easier it is to understand the […]