Solutions Lead

Job Description

Location: Remote – US 

Position: Full time 

Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics consultancy that works with some of the top brands on the web to collect, integrate and analyze data to support executives making critical business decisions. We are the secret weapon that enables the data-driven executive and enterprise. The work we do for our customers translates into decisions that result in more intended business outcomes and value. 

As an 11-year-old company we have grown – three consecutive years on the Profit 500 – through retention and referrals from delivering consistently great work, and a deep strategic partnership as a global Premier Google Marketing Platform Solution Partner. Our industry reputation and visibility are much greater than you would expect from a team of 20. 

Napkyn is embarking on the next stage of growth. Combining our expertise, reputation and increasing market need for data analytics to expand the team and services we offer. To support this next stage of growth we are making an investment in our Customer & Partner Success team to facilitate our intended growth outcomes. 

The Role 

The Customer & Partner Success Team is looking for a solution expert who can effectively translate customer business requirements into the best service plan.  The Solutions Lead will be responsible for shaping and defining how a project’s objectives will be met and oversee the execution.  The ideal candidate will be an expert-level Google Analytics consultant with a broad knowledge of the digital marketing analytics space from current industry trends to technical expertise, including how to build and customize analytics and tag manager implementations for sites and mobile applications.  


The Details

  • Lead discussions with clients to scope & prioritize new projects 
  • Participate in the business development process – drum up excitement with prospective clients, discuss possible solutions to complex problems on the fly
  • Assist in estimating and planning new projects 
  • Work with clients to clarify and shape their requirements to deliver value that matters
  • Expand client relationships by developing their data analytics roadmap and measurement strategy 
  • Educate and advise stakeholders on understanding, interpreting & applying their data
  • Contribute to the analytics community by participating in conferences, blogs, case studies, etc.
  • Exemplify excellent consulting skills, diplomacy and effective messaging
  • Mentor team members, share your expertise freely


Qualifications & Preferred Experience for the Solutions Lead 

  • 5+ years experience in project leadership 
  • Mastery of the digital analytics tool landscape, i.e.: web analytics, surveys, testing / optimization, social media analytics, digital media analytics, cloud data technologies, etc.
  • Demonstrated expertise with implementation approach and strategies for measurement and analysis technologies (Customer Data Platforms, Analytics, Tag Management, Cloud Data Platforms) 
  • Demonstrated understanding of how to select and apply appropriate capabilities of tools within a data analytics and measurement stack appropriately to efficiently and effectively address a variety of different client analysis requests
  • A verifiable track record of clients where you have developed and delivered data analytics solutions that produced desired outcomes 
  • A verifiable track record of mentoring (team members, peers, senior leaders) in data analytics skills and topics E
  • Ability to understand data analytics from strategic planning down to working in the data to convey a message and secure buy-in, explain a technical complexity or deep dive into a client a hurdle
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills that allow you to understand, interpret and explain complex problems and solutions to experts and non-experts 
  • Experienced with data integration both into and out of digital analytics tools
  • Strong technical understanding of the technologies influencing digital analytics


Attributes of the Solutions Lead 

  • Learn & Teach: Strong desire to keep up to date with latest trends and technologies and be an internal and external teacher, mentor and industry advocate 
  • Accountable: Asks and understands what needs to get done and gets it done. 
  • Autonomous: Can create value starting with a blank sheet of paper and without a lot of oversight. 
  • Asks Why: Questions and investigates why we do things we do; doesn’t accept “that is the way it has always been done” as a good enough answer.
  • Prioritization: Understands what is important now, what can wait until tomorrow, and can re-prioritize based on new information. 
  • Service-oriented: You understand that partnering with our customers and your colleagues to help them meet their goals is critical to the company’s success. You listen and identify the best solution for them.  


What’s Attractive to the Right Candidate 

  • Napkyn has a history and commitment to delivering consistently great work to and for our customers. 
  • Napkyn will continue to grow with the same bootstrapping smarts that allowed us to become a well-respected company in our industry serving the top digital brands. 
  • We are financially stable, offer competitive benefits and walk the walk of work-life balance.
  • You will be working with every part of the business and will be seen by your co-workers as integral to their individual, and the company’s, collective success.