Napkyn is joining forces with ADVZ, a Kepler Group company, to expand our ability to provide world-class Google Marketing Platform solutions. Read our announcement.

Google Cloud Services

Napkyn Analytics is a Certified Google Cloud Service Partner. Expand, enhance, and automate your digital marketing and enterprise analysis capabilities with the machine learning, real time data streaming, and enterprise data integration capabilities of Google Cloud.

Implementation, Onboarding, and Data Architecture

Implement and architect Google Cloud against your specific business needs. Onboard your teams with guidance and training offered by Napkyn's Google Cloud experts.

  • Expertise: BigQuery Integration with Google Marketing Platform; Marketing Data Architecture; Data Auditing & Consulting; Set up & Tagging; Training

Audience, Attribution & Advanced Analytics

Expand first party audiences with machine learning. Gain valuable new insights about your customers and marketing performance in real time with Napkyn’s Advanced Marketing Analytics services.

  • Expertise: Purchase Prediction; Customer Lifetime Value Scoring & Prediction; Churn Prediction; Real Time Trend Spotting; Data Driven K-Means Cluster Segmentation; Dynamic Rules-based Segmentation; Expanding First Party Audiences with Machine Learning

Self-Service Analytics

Empower your marketing, analytics, and data science teams with accessible, high quality data sets structured against your business needs. Stay on top of your business performance with refreshable data visualization dashboards that are automatically updated in real time.

  • Expertise: Executive, Brand and Business Team Dashboarding; Data Architecture; Data Quality Assurance

Automated Data Governance, Quality Monitoring & Integration

Napkyn is an industry leader in data automation for Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud. Our proprietary technology helps businesses expedite time to value with Google technology by eliminating low value activities required to integrate and govern data.

  • Expertise: Data Integration Automation (online/offline); Data Quality Governance Automation; Automation of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Detection

Google Cloud Agency Services

Media and analytics agencies benefit when they augment their services to include the advanced marketing analytics and automation capabilities of Google Cloud. With Google Cloud, agencies can run more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, build better audiences and data sets, analyze data more efficiently, and automate activities to help them focus on delivering high-value services to their customers.

Napkyn Analytics partners with media and marketing Agencies to bring them the full value of the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud for customer success and agency capability growth.

  • Expertise: Media Agency Analytics Enablement Programming; Automated Data Governance for Agencies; Automated PII Detection for Agencies; Analytics Training for Agencies; Google Cloud Training for Agencies; Google Analytics 360 for Agencies